February 1, 2023
Review | Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Episode 7: Battle Scars)

The Bad Batch delivers another great episode in “Battle Scars”. But get ready, this one is an emotional rollercoaster ride!

This week’s episode of The Bad Batch is entitled ‘Battle Scars.’


This is a pivotal episode. Indeed, it finally deals with the Wrecker’s inhibitor chip storyline, which was teased in previous episodes. I won’t go into details about it. But as you can expect it contains some emotional scenes.

The Bad Batch Episode 7 Battle Scars

I love the pacing of this episode. There’s time for action but also for some tender moments, emotional ones too, and exposition. And that’s exactly why it works so well for me. You can also definitely feel the tension slowly building up during the episode. And you know that something is about to happen, you’re just not sure when. Jennifer Corbett has done a great job with this script and Matt Michnovetz too (he’s the story editor).

The Bad Batch Episode 7 Battle Scars


It wouldn’t be The Bad Batch without some guest appearances and planets we’ve already visited. This show does an amazing job at bringing back characters the fans love. They just fit right into the story. And at the same time, it allows continuing their own story while they work with The Bad Batch.

The Bad Batch Episode 7 Battle Scars

This week’s guest is Captain Rex (he was already teased in the trailers). He’s my favorite clone so I always want to see him more. It gives us a good idea of what he’s been doing since the end of The Clone Wars. Though, I’m convinced that an animated movie about Rex would be the perfect opportunity to further expand on that!

As for the planet, this time we visit Bracca, which first appeared in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Once again, I have to applaud the animation team for doing an incredible job! It’s a work of art. And in true Star Wars fashion, this episode also brings a new nasty creature!

The Bad Batch Episode 7 Battle Scars


The Bad Batch delivers another great episode and get ready, this one is emotional!

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