November 29, 2022
Cad Bane And Todo 360 Character Posters

A pair of brand new character posters for Star Wars: The Bad Batch have arrived featuring Cad Bane and Todo 360

After eight thrilling episodes of The Bad Batch, the character posters are coming thick and fast. And determined to build upon the recent character poster reveals for Hunter, Echo, Tech, Crosshair, Wrecker, Omega, Saw Gerrera, Fennec Shand, Cid, Rafa and Trace, and Captain Rex; Lucasfilm has released a new poster featuring the legendary bounty hunter – Cad Bane. But if that isn’t enough to have you dancing around the campfire like a Wookiee on life day; Lucasfilm also released a poster for Bane’s trusty sidekick – Todo 360!

The Bad Batch Reunion - Cad Bane

After emerging relatively unscathed from the ravages of The Clone Wars – Cad Bane is back doing what he does best. And this time, he has his sights set on Omega. Check out his glorious character poster below:


A ruthless bounty hunter from the planet Duro, Cad Bane was the preeminent blaster-for-hire in the galaxy at the time of the Clone Wars and after the conflict ended. Using an impressive arsenal of weapons and allies, the cold, cruel, and calculating Bane would literally track his prey to the ends of the galaxy if required. Bane carried custom twin blaster pistols, gauntlets studded with control devices, a concealed bola, explosives, integrated breathing apparatus, and rocket boots, ensuring that he was always well prepared for any situation that may arise.

The Bad Batch Cad Bane Character Poster

TODO 360

Cad Bane’s techno-service droid, known as Todo 360 for short, has many built-in gadgets that make him incredibly useful. Always willing to do his duty, Todo is a hard worker with an attitude to match, especially if you try to call him a butler droid.

The Bad Batch - Todo 360 Character Poster

Our reviews of the series are already emerging from lightspeed. And further reviews will be coming thick and fast. So maintain your orbit around Future of the Force for the latest reviews as they arrive.

The Bad Batch Cad Bane

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