Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Episode 9: Bounty Lost)

The Bad Batch ‘Bounty Lost’ is the best episode of the series so far! It’s action-packed, visually breathtaking, and has some big reveals!

It’s time for our weekly dose of Star Wars with the 9th episode of The Bad Batch! This episode is entitled ‘Bounty Lost.’

The Return of the King

Along with the fan-favorite bounty hunter, we finally get our first look at a fully animated Justifier. Bane’s ship was designed for the unfinished Bounty Hunter arc from The Clone Wars. And today, it finally made its first appearance on screen with an updated design. That arc and this episode were both written by Matt Michnovetz.

The Bad Batch Episode 9 Bounty Lost

Another remnant from the unfinished Bounty Hunter arc is Cad Bane’s scars. Indeed, he has a metal plate on his forehead that seems to be a result of his showdown with Boba Fett. Although we never got to see these unfinished episodes, I appreciate the little nods to them. And who knows maybe one day, we’ll get to see these unfinished arcs.

The Bad Batch Episode 9 Bounty Lost

Last week, Cad Bane made an unexpectedly triumphant return in The Bad Batch with a big western-ish showdown. And this week, it keeps getting better. Cad Bane has a lot more screentime! This week’s showdown with Cad Bane vs Fennec Shand. And it’s a high level of badassery! Shand is an incredibly skilled bounty hunter. Indeed, she is literally fighting one of the best. After this fight, it’s fair to say that they’re equals. It’s also worth mentioning, Kevin Kiner’s epic theme for Cad Bane. There is a huge western vibe to it. I love it!

The Bad Batch Episode 9 Bounty Lost

The Story

This episode picks up where we left off last week. Cad Bane has left Bracca with Omega while the Bad Batch is trying to find her. It reminded me of the Bounty Hunter episodes we had with The Clone Wars. Like I mentioned we get a Fennec Shand vs Cad Bane fight so it’s an action-packed episode!

But more importantly, we finally know who Omega really is and thus why the Kaminoans want her. She is their tie to being able to give them more Jango clones. Indeed, she is an unaltered clone just like Boba Fett. And Boba is mentioned in this episode. Because of what’s happening, I have to wonder whether he will show up in the series. He is tied to that clone storyline.

The Bad Batch Episode 9 Bounty Lost

The Visuals

The episode takes place on Bora Vio. It’s a planet with an old Kaminoan facility. And this facility gave me big vibes from Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miyazaki. It’s such a wonderful tribute. The animation in The Bad Batch is top tier, it’s literally cinematic! There are several shots of the facility that feels like it’s directly coming from a movie!

fennec shand


‘Bounty Lost’ is the best episode of the series so far! It’s action-packed, visually breathtaking and it comes with some big reveals!

The Bad Batch is streaming exclusively on Disney Plus NOW!

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