The Bad Batch delivers another satisfying and exciting episode. With the highlight being the fistfight between Bane and Shand.

The Bad Batch delivers another satisfying and exciting episode, as we start right where Episode 8 ended. Omega is in the clutches of the ruthless Cad Bane, and Clone Force 99 is trying to flee from a vengeful Crosshair, their former teammate turned enemy. However, the star of the episode is truly Omega.

The Bad Batch Episode 9 Bounty Lost

She displays a wide range of skills and ingenuity to escape Bane and then Fennec Shand. Who takes her to a strange almost ethereal floating city on an unnamed world that is known to the Kaminoans. Lama Su, the Prime Minister of Kamino is also a ruthless character as he wants Omega for his own nefarious purposes.

The Bad Batch Episode 9 Bounty Lost


My speculation that Omega was Force-sensitive seems to have been shot down. But the real truth is far more remarkable than I ever would have expected! There are still a lot of unknowns though, as not all the Kaminoans want Omega only for selfish gain. Some truly care about her. And that some only seem to be one, but that’s good enough for me. We see how much the Bad Batch loves Omega, and they will do anything to save her. She is a tough kid; able to fight and figure things out on her own. Yet like many kids; still has moments of weakness where she is scared and uncertain.

The Bad Batch Episode 9 Bounty Lost


Some of the highlights of the episode were the fistfight between Bane and Shand. And it appears they are equally matched in hand-to-hand combat. Bane carries a slight advantage as he is slightly taller and stronger. But Shand is not to be underestimated. I also really REALLY liked the creepy Kaminoan floating city, as it had a chamber with a tank that appeared to have a malformed Kaminoan clone in it. So creepy. Like something out of Ridley Scott.

The city itself also has a cool design. And the tech on it seems fairly advanced, so it’s a safe bet to assume it’s Kaminoan. The Kaminoans are more technologically advanced than the main galaxy and it shows with their touch screen computer consoles.

The Bad Batch Episode 9 Bounty Lost


We are officially over the halfway mark for the season and many questions need to be answered. I am highly enjoying the series for the most part and hope it comes back with a second season.

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