September 22, 2023
The Titans Season 3 Trailer Returns To Gotham City

The Titans encounter Red Hood and The Scarecrow as they return to Gotham City in the trailer for Titans Season 3

The new Titans Season 3 trailer has finally arrived. And it reveals a return to Gotham City, the arrival of Red Hood, and the peril of The Scarecrow. We’ve known for some time that Jason Todd would finally make the transition to Red Hood in Season 3. But fans who have been hoping to see some elements of the “Death in The Family” storyline will be jumping for joy after this!

And if that isn’t enough to have you swinging across the rooftops of Gotham with glee, HBO Max just dropped the all-new poster for the series:

Titans Season 3 Poster

Titans Season 3 will see wholesale changes coming to the DC Universe. Not only will Red Hood finally make his presence know, but Barabara Gordon will be joining the fray. As well as Kory donning more traditional garb similar to that of her comic book origins. And the latest season represents the first time Dick Grayson will don his Nightwing attire throughout.

Titans Nightwing

Titans Season 3 will debut on HBO Max on Aug. 12. Fans outside of the US will need to make the pilgrimage to Netflix where seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming.

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Source: HBO Max

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