September 27, 2023
Equality In Star Wars

Is the Star Wars galaxy more open to equality? Or are aliens the butt of the joke? Max ponders the possibilities!

One of the biggest pluses about Disney buying Star Wars is how they portray equality. There are tons of LGBTQAI characters and nobody bats an eye or acknowledges them as different. It is as normal as heterosexual relationships. People of color are treated equally and women are allowed into the highest ranks of the military and positions of power. Seems like a utopia, right? Wrong.

The Balance Series: Part 5 | Prophecy of The Chosen One


Sure stuff works well for humans, but many alien species get a raw end of the deal. Humans and humanoids are seen as the “blueprint” for what is attractive and acceptable in the galaxy. And many alien species are denoted by their appearances. Anakin Skywalker says to General Trench “Hello ugly”. And yes the show is to make kids smile due to the fact Trench is a giant spider person. But in-universe why is a Harch (that’s the species) ugly when compared to a human?


Sometimes certain species are called bugs and lizards and nobody seems to think of humans as monkeys. That’s ultimately what we are. White supremacism exists in Star Wars and is referred to as Humancentric supremacism in a Victorys Price. So basically is Star Wars full of equality? Not really. The society is just as racist, if not worse and it seems odd that this is the case. Humans may be one of the most numerous and prominent species. But there are many races with much better mental and physical capabilities.

Star Wars Pablo


In Legends, a Sullustan male revealed he found human women to be the best looking. And this is insulting to his character. As a Sullustan, he will most likely not attract a female human. So why should he have to moon over someone he could never have a chance with? As I said; are humans the blueprint and near humans and non-humanoids have to bow at their feet? I’m human (obviously) and female members of my own race have treated me like an “alien”.


How would I feel if I lived in Star Wars and had 4 million types of beings to compete with? Would it be wrong for me to be attracted to a Ugol or a Lamphroid? Would I be lusting after Twi’leks and cringing at Harch and Kakaradon women? It’s all quite a mess.

How do you rate the equality of the galaxy far, far away? Leave a comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

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