July's Disney nuiMO's Collection Has Arrived!

The July Disney nuiMOs / Olympics collection has arrived at ShopDisney and Darcie is on hand with her top fashion tips!

July’s Disney nuiMOs are here. Now this month’s collection is tiny. In June it was described to be a University and Summer Olympics collection. However, what we got this month were one Olympics outfit and four University outfits. Now, there are images of an accessory laptop for your nuiMOs however, this has not yet been released on the Shop Disney UK site. There is a new accessory available though that ties in with June’s Great Outdoors collection. A yellow tent. The Tent is large enough for one of your nuiMO’s and features moveable openings.

Disney Store nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Tent Accessory


So, the first look of this month’s collection is the one Olympics outfit, which is a blue swimmer set. The set features a swimsuit, a hat, and goggles. The set is blue with black features and looks really sweet when on a character.

Disney Store nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Swimmer Outfit Set

The next four outfits feature a dress set, a skirt set, and two trouser/short sets. These all look like perfect university outfits.


The first is a corduroy-style dress that is paired with a white jumper and brown lace-up style shoes. The dress comes in a peach shade, which means this is a great summer/autumn look and is very on tread. The skirt set features a green velvet style skirt, a duffle jacket in blue, a checked shirt, and a leather-look satchel. This is an adorable look, with all the elements working well together. It even looks like you can open the bag, which is a nice detail.

Disney Store nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Overalls with Sweater and Boots Set


Next is the trouser set which features a fluffy jacket, grey trousers, and green backpack. This look is also adorable! The jacket looks like a winter varsity jacket and the bag has a working zip. The whole look is very preppy and very American college style. The final look is a corduroy jacket and striped t-shirt outfit that comes with blue tartan shorts and white trainers. This is a slightly less preppy look but still has the university vibe. All of these looks are very on-trend. And that makes it very easy to match your outfit to your nuiMOs.

Disney Store nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Sherpa Jacket, Trousers and Backpack Set


Overall, despite the small size of this month’s collection every item is cute and themed perfectly. There has been some mention that more items will be released this month. With the Olympics’ starting on the 23rd I imagine the rest of the Olympic looks will coincide with this date. Next month’s collection looks to be an Autumn fashion range. Which I hope will include some more characters and some more cosplay character outfits.

Disney Store nuiMOs Small Soft Toy Corduroy Jacket and Striped T-Shirt Outfit Set

To add any of these wonderful new additions to your collection – visit ShopDisney and explore the Disney nuiMOs collection here.

Will you be adding any of these awesome new additions to your collection? Leave a comment below. We love hearing about your nuiMOs adventures!


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