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Marvel Studios are the masters of misdirection with their trailers.

Were we blindsided by the Loki trailers?

Marvel Studios is quite the franchise. It’s a goliath of content that fans all over the world are clamoring for. And with every huge project, the franchise has to find a way to satiate fans with teases without giving away the movie’s entire premise (or surprise) or show. And what is the best trick Marvel Studios can play on us to have us theorizing in an entirely different direction? Show us false or tampered-with scenes in trailers. It’s happened plenty of times before. But I’ll show you the most relevant example Marvel Studios caught us by surprise using trailer trickery at its finest.


The Avengers: Infinity War trailer. This trailer is easily one of the best in cinematic history. Teasing a comic book event unlike any other brought to the big screen. And just look at the thumbnail for this trailer! It’s already a sign of Marvel Studios’ deception by showing us The Hulk charging into battle. Even though in the actual film The Hulk has about a minute of actual screentime. But that’s not the only trick.

In the trailer during what we now know is the Titan sequence, we see Thanos wielding only two Infinity Stones. The Power, and Space Stones. When in actuality at this point he had the Power, Space, Reality, and Soul stones already lodged in his shiny golden death gauntlet. It’s this minuscule detail that completely alters any theory about the film…because I remember having a lot of them. And the ‘Loki‘ trailers were jam-packed with this sort of trickery.


In the first trailer, we see Sylvie (a lot of people were theorizing that it was Natasha at the time) sitting by herself. When in actuality sitting next to her is Loki. The shot even shows her looking at a horizon that doesn’t highlight the destruction of the moon that we see in the actual show.

Here we see Loki in the apocalyptic world that we now know is The Void. This scene is completely different than the version we get in the actual show; where he’s getting up in front of what appears to be a pruned bus stop, four Lokis (Classic Loki, Boastful Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki), and on the horizon is none other than the giant purple monster cloud Alioth.

But that’s not the most striking trickery of all.


In another wave of marketing to get excited fans even more excited for Loki, we see what appears to be King Loki standing before his throne on Asgard. We all thought we would get this scene in this finale. Maybe as the surprise reveal that the actual culprit behind the creation of the TVA was King Loki all along. But instead, this scene wasn’t even in the episode at all. It was an incredible diversion that allowed *spoilers ahead* Jonathan Majors’ debut as He Who Remains to be even more shocking; while also having us doubt Loki’s intentions during the finale.

While some are upset by the lack of King Loki in the finale I think it was a brilliant move on Marvel Studios’ part to surprise us once again, because it is that great trailer trickery that makes these installments so enjoyable.

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