The Bad Batch Crosshair Empire Character Poster

Crosshair is rewarded for his service to the Empire with a brand new Star Wars: The Bad Batch poster

With the series already nearing its finale, The Bad Batch character posters are coming thick and fast. And hot on the heels of new posters for Hunter, Echo, Tech, Crosshair, Wrecker, Omega, Saw Gerrera. Fennec Shand, Cid, Rafa and Trace, Captain Rex, Cad Bane, and Todo 360, Hera Syndulla, and Chopper; Lucasfilm has released a new poster featuring Crosshair – in his pristine Imperial armor.

The Bad Batch Crosshair

After declaring war on the Jedi, the Empire hunts down and destroys all threats to its power. Crosshair is tasked with hunting down the members of Clone Force 99 – a team of elite soldiers he once called brothers. Check out his glorious character poster below:


Cold, quick, and calculating, Crosshair is the kind of no-nonsense warrior who detests working with “regs,” or normal clones, and isn’t afraid to mouth off about it. A member of the special unit Clone Force 99, also called the Bad Batch, Crosshair once served as the team sniper whose sharp vision gives him superior accuracy and, as a result, an air of superiority. His ability to neutralize a target at a tremendous distance using his customized 773 Firepuncher rifle makes him an invaluable soldier.

The Bad Batch Crosshair Character Poster 2

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The Bad Batch Crosshair

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