Hot Toys Review | Marvel's Rescue (Avengers Endgame)

Rescue is a must-have for your collection. And although a second head would have been welcome,  it’s still an amazing figure!

After some delays, the Hot Toys Rescue is finally here! With Thor, it’s the most recent figure from Avengers Endgame that has been released. But can it live up to the hype and make us love it 3,000?

Hot Toys Rescue


The box is the same design as the other Avengers Endgame figures. It features the Avengers logo with the name of the movie and a promotional art of the character. The main color on the box for Rescue is blue like her armor. As usual for diecast figures, it’s a long box and it opens on the side with a polystyrene box.

This figure comes with interchangeable hands (one set includes fully articulated fingers), a drone, a fire effect accessory for the drone, a back part to attach the drone, a Pepper Potts headsculpt, a basic stand, and batteries (with pliers and a screwdriver). As usual, read the instruction sheet before using the figure.

Hot Toys Rescue

The stand follows the same design as the other Avengers Endgame stands – the Avengers logo, the movie’s title, and a symbol representing the character. For this one, it’s the arc reactor.


Hot Toys Rescue

I have been waiting for this figure for quite some time and I’m not disappointed. (I’m a big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow). Hot Toys has done an amazing job with this figure, it’s beautifully sculpted! There are a lot of details on this armor. As usual, these figures are super articulated with over 30 points of articulation. You can open all the air flaps at the back. You can also open the flaps on the arms to allow better hands movement.

The LED light-up feature is great as usual! I had some difficulties installing the batteries on the legs and for the torso, it’s a bit tricky. So take your time and be careful.

Hot Toys Rescue

The drone accessory is pretty cool. You can either attach it to her back or use the fire effect. It has great articulation.


Hot Toys Rescue

Young Lee has done an incredible job with this headsculpt. It’s spot-on, it looks like Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s an headsculpt that comes with the helmet. So I’m disappointed that they didn’t include a second headsculpt without the helmet. It’s a missed opportunity.


Rescue is a must-have for your collection, it’s an amazing figure!

You can catch our video unboxing and review on our YouTube channel! The Hot Toys Rescue one-sixth scale figure is available to order from Zavvi now!


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