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This new episode of Disney Gallery The Mandalorian was beautiful and also very emotional. Bringing back Luke Skywalker was something huge.

Since The Bad Batch concluded its first season on August 13, we have been craving for new Star Wars content. Today is finally the day we are being fed with new content – Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Making Of Season 2 Finale.

In the first episode of Disney Gallery for the second season of The Mandalorian, they kept one element away from the conversation – the return of Luke Skywalker. And this new episode is entirely dedicated to the making of that moment. As a Star Wars fan, it’s always a pleasure to see how they make these movies and series.

I got to say that I could watch Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni talk about Star Wars all day. They’re so passionate about this and so in tune with each other. You can definitely feel that when they talk about Star Wars but also when you watch The Mandalorian. Plus Kathleen Kennedy is so supportive of them. Indeed, she gives them all the tools available for them to tell the best stories. It’s an amazing creative team!


So this new episode of Disney Gallery was beautiful and also very emotional. Bringing back Luke Skywalker was something huge. I remember being so surprised seeing him in The Mandalorian! It was a mind-blowing moment. For me, Luke has the best hallway scene in Star Wars. I rewatched that episode last week again! Thus seeing the making of it was something special. It’s great to see how the crew was so enthralled by it. They have put a lot of care into making it but also into keeping it a secret until the episode aired.

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I loved seeing the process of creating the face of Luke from that era. They considered the deepfake. They spent a lot of time trying this technology. And then they decided to go with the de-aging process. They hired the same company that had done it on Ant-Man And The Wasp. The scene in the series may be short but it took so long to create it.


Fun fact, Plo Koon was the one written in the script and not Luke. They even had concept arts and CG models of his head to misdirect people if there were any leaks. It’s such a Filoni thing to do. Indeed, it’s his favorite Jedi so if they had been any leaks, people would have believed it! I would have believed it! And honestly, that Plo Koon concept art was amazing!


I think the best part of this episode was seeing footage of Mark Hamill on set. I loved seeing him in costume with Grogu. It was so sweet! I understand why the crew was so emotional. Mark is so dedicated to his character and he is really humble. I’m always happy to see him talk about Luke.

Speaking of the costume, I love what Jon Favreau said about the ambiguity of his costume in Return of the Jedi. He’s not a Jedi yet. While in The Mandalorian, he gets a full Jedi costume with the tunic and undertunic, not just the tabards. Indeed, he is a Jedi knight now. Except that the color is black as a callback to how people remember Luke from the ROTJ era.

They filmed the scenes with Mark Hamill and also with Max Lloyd-Jones. They hired him to play the post-ROTJ Luke. It was great teamwork between these two actors to bring Luke back.

The Making of Season 2 Finale is now on Disney Plus, go watch it. It’s definitely worth it!


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