December 7, 2023

Free! The Final Stroke unveils new character arts as part of the August 20 countdown.

On August 14, the official Twitter account of Free! started a countdown to August 19. It was supposed to be the debut of a new trailer for The Final Stroke Part 1 featuring OLDCODEX’s new song. Each day, new promotional pictures of the characters were released. However, on August 17, it was announced the trailer would be delayed due to OLDCODEX being on hiatus. Nevertheless, Kyoto Animation continued the countdown changing it to August 20. Indeed, we will be getting new information concenring the movie tomorrow!

The final countdown post was released with a new art of Haruka Nanase. You can now enjoy all the character arts for the countdown in the gallery below:

Stay tuned for the new details that will be unveiled tomorrow!

Free! The Final Stroke Part 1 will be released on September 17 in Japan.

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