Zavvi Harry Potter House Pride Clothing

Return to Hogwarts in style this September 1st with the Harry Potter Pride Clothing range from Zavvi

What better way to celebrate the 1st of September aka Back to Hogwarts day than with Zavvi’s new officially licensed Harry Potter House Pride clothing collection! Head back to Hogwarts with a new range of house-themed attire. All four houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin are equally represented in this range with three items apiece. There are also four general Hogwarts items available as well.


House Hoodie

The first item is a house hoodie. There are four house options: Gryffindor: Red and Yellow, Hufflepuff: Yellow and Black,  Ravenclaw: Blue and Grey, and Slytherin: Green and Grey. The hoodie features the house name and logo across the front, both of which are embroidered. There is also a kangaroo pocket that features a small Hogwarts cress. There are only 500 in each color available in sizes XS to XXL. The hoodies are priced at £34.99 each.

Gryffindor House Panelled Hoodie - Burgundy

House T-Shirt

Once again there are four house options: Gryffindor: Red and White, Hufflepuff: Yellow and White, Ravenclaw: Blue and White, Slytherin: Green and White. Each features the house name across the back as well as the house attributes. The front features the animal relating to each house: Lion, Badger, Eagle, and Snake. These would look great as sportswear or with jeans. Again there are only 500 in each color available in sizes XS to XXL. The T-Shirts are priced at £16.99.

Ravenclaw House Panelled T-Shirt - Navy

Women’s Cropped Sweater

The final House item is a funnel-necked-cropped sweater. The sweater once again comes in the traditional house colors with a zip at the front and the house name embroidered on the back in black along with a Golden Snitch. The front features the animal relating to each house. This is a very subtle item, that would be perfect for fans that prefer writing to not be all over the garment. Once again there are only 500 in each color available in sizes XS to XXL. The cropped sweaters are priced at £24.99.

Slytherin House Women's Funnel Neck Cropped Sweater - Green

Hogwarts Collection

The four generic items include a burgundy Hoodie, that comes in both adult sizes S to XXL and children’s sizes ranging from 3-4 years to 11-12 years. The hoodie features a small Hogwarts crest on the front, with a larger one across the back, both in gold. The Hogwarts hoodie is priced at £29.99 for adults and £24.99 for children.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Signature Kids' Hoodie - Burgundy

Next, there is a burgundy sweatshirt that features a small Hogwarts crest on the front and the word ‘Hogwarts’ on the right arm, these are once again in white and range in sizes from S to XXL. The Sweater is priced at £24.99. The final item is Hogwarts School T-shirt, this features the Hogwarts logo in red on a white background, with red detailing around the collar and sleeves. The T-Shirt comes in sizes XS to XXL and is priced at £14.99.

Harry Potter Hogwarts School Unisex Ringer T-Shirt - White / Red


Overall, this Zavvi collection is great. It captures each of the four Hogwarts houses equally, with a generic range included for those that don’t want to always have house-themed products. The whole range could be worn for sport or would look great as part of an everyday outfit. Perfect for Back to Hogwarts Day.

Look your best at Hogwarts this year…shop the Harry Potter collection here!




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