February 6, 2023
I Heart Revolution Beauty X Disney Fairytale Collection

Darcie immerses herself in the sensational new I Heart Revolution Disney collection inspired by Sleeping Beauty and Snow White

Two Princesses have been added to the charming I Heart Revolution X Disney range! This is an exciting time for Disney fans! Joining Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, and Tiana are;  Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (1959) and Snow White from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (1937).  There are seven new items in total. Three eyeshadow palettes, two highlighters, a lip topper, and a lip trio. Prices range from £5.00 to £15.00 per item,  and currently, if you buy three Disney items (which includes last year’s Nightmare Before Christmas range) you get a free gift! Let’s take a closer look at the two new princesses!

I Heart Revolution Beauty X Disney Fairytale Collection


The Sleeping Beauty Fairytale Book palette has the same formula as all of the Fairytale palettes. Which is super cute, they all match so well, that you could line them all up like books on a bookshelf. This one is pink and features an image of Sleeping Beauty, asleep in the blue version of the iconic dress. The image is framed with gold details. Once you open the palette, the words ‘Once Upon A Dream’ run down the spine. On one side there are three matte blushes and 3 highlighters. On the other side, there are eighteen eyeshadows, in a combination of matte and metallic finishes. Shades come in dreamy pinks, and blues just like Aurora’s color-changing dress. Like the previous palettes, the shades also have cute names such as: ‘make it blue’, ‘love’s first kiss’, and ‘shield of virtue’.

I Heart Revolution Disney Fairytale Books Palette Sleeping Beauty

Next, we have the highlighter, which features the same packaging as the palette. The highlighter is a lilac-hued powder, perfect to give you that ‘Just woken up, refreshed’ look. It’s embossed with a rose which looks super cute.

I Heart Revolution Disney Fairytale Books Highlighter Sleeping Beauty

Finally, we have the lip trio. These lip-glosses come in three shades: candy pink, peach, and nude. All three have a shimmer to them.

I Heart Revolution Disney Fairytale Books Lip Trio Sleeping Beauty


Snow White’s Fairytale Book Palette, features an image of Snow White singing to a bird. The packaging is red with the same gold detailing. On the inside, the spine features the iconic line ‘Mirror Mirror on the Wall’ which I love. On one side there are three matte blushes in coral, rose red and deep pink, perfect for recreating Snow White’s fresh look and three shimmer highlights. The other side features eighteen eyeshadows in golds, reds, and blues. Snow White’s signature colors. Names of the shades include: ‘fairest of them all’, ‘The first princess’ and ‘Red as a rose’.

I Heart Revolution Disney Fairytale Books Palette Snow White

Next, we have the mini Seven Dwarfs palette, which features seven eyeshadow shades – one for each of the seven dwarfs. These are a mixture of neutral shades in both matte and shimmer. The packaging features an image of the seven dwarfs, with the same red and gold background as the fairytale palette. The Snow White highlighter once again features the same packaging. The highlighter is in the shape of an apple – but is in no way deadly. The shade is a shimmering pink, for a dewy look.

I Heart Revolution Disney Fairytale Books Apple Highlighter Snow White

Finally, we have the lip topper. This is a non-sticky gloss, in a shimmer apple-red shade.

I Heart Revolution Disney Fairytale Books Lip Topper Snow White


Overall, this is another fantastic collection, one that captures the magic of Disney movies and characters. Perfect for all the modern-day princesses, with great pigmentation and affordable prices. I hope that Rapunzel and Moana get collections next.

Explore the I Heart Revolution Disney Fairytale collection here.

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