December 10, 2023
Hot Toys Star Wars The Clone Wars Captain Rex Review

“The Hot Toys Captain Rex figure is a must-buy for fans of The Clone Wars! This figure comes with great accessories and a fantastic headsculpt!”

Captain Rex is the latest clone trooper to join the line of figures from Hot Toys! Just like the previous figures from The Clone Wars, Rex has been made in a realistic style! So is this figure worth it?


Hot Toys Captain Rex

The box has the typical Star Wars collectibles design box – a black box with a promotional picture of the figure and the Star Wars logo. The figures from The Clone Wars have their usual blue and yellow colored strip.

Hot Toys Captain Rex

In terms of accessories, Hot Toys has always hit the mark with the clone troopers. This one comes with 7 hands, two blaster pistols, a blaster, a jetpack, two firing effects for the jetpack, macrobinoculars, a torch, a 332nd Company Clone Trooper helmet, a Captain Rex headsculpt, and a display base. The weapons are simply a reissue from previous releases. So they are as detailed as the other clone troopers. The display base is also the classic Star Wars display base but this time, it’s painted in a lighter gray.

The only problem I have with the accessories is the jetpack. It’s painted in black while it should have been painted in white just like for the 501st clone trooper. I don’t know why they made this mistake, they could have easily just repacked the 501st jetpack.


Hot Toys Captain Rex

Hot Toys always makes a wonderful job with their clone trooper figures! The weathering is beautiful! There are also many battle-damaged scratches all over his armor. It gives these figures a more battle look and I love this! Rex’s armor is different from other clones as he made a mix between Phase I and Phase II. Indeed, you can see some visible welds on his chest piece and his helmet. His helmet features a Phase I visor mixed with a Phase II helmet. And Hot Toys has brought it into a realistic style in an amazing way! It gives him a more unique look compared to other clones.

The pauldron is non-detachable and is made of hard plastic. You can detach the ammunition part though, it works with magnets. Obviously, this does limit the articulation range on one arm and the head but you can still get great action poses. The kama is entirely made of fabric so this won’t limit the articulation.


Hot Toys Captain Rex

Just like for Commander Cody, the Captain Rex headsculpt is absolutely fantastic! They really captured Temuera Morrison’s likeness and then added Rex’s hair. It looks amazing! We have to thank Viva Lai and JC Hong for that!


It’s a must-buy for fans of The Clone Wars! This figure comes with great accessories and a fantastic Captain Rex headsculpt!

The Hot Toys Captain Rex is available to order NOW!

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