Hot Toys Hulk Avengers Endgame Review

Hot Toys never disappoints. This Hulk is a great figure with a fantastic headsculpt made by Hwan Kim.

The Avengers Endgame line of figures from Hot Toys can’t be complete without a Hulk! It was released a few months ago in Hong Kong and is now widely available for international collectors.


The box has the same design as the other Avengers Endgame figures which means it features the Avengers logo, a promotional drawing of the character, the name of the movie, and the name of the character. The main color on the box is green because it’s Hulk’s color. You also have some purple as it’s a color used on his outfit.

This one doesn’t come with a lot of accessories but for a Hulk figure, I think it’s just what you need. You get 4 hands, two Infinity Gauntlets, a tablet, a pair of glasses, a display base, and batteries for the Gauntlet. The display base is the same used on Iron Patriot, so it’s a big one. But this time, I think it’s justified because Hulk is an even bigger figure than Iron Patriot. The display base has the same design as other Avengers Endgame figures as it features the Avengers logo. The symbol of the character, and the name of the character at the front of the base. For Hulk, they used the Radiation symbol. And just like Iron Patriot, the stand is bigger and steadier than usual. Indeed, it needs to be strong enough to support a figure like Hulk.


The Infinity Gauntlets are beautifully painted and have a metallic feel. One is a fully installed Gauntlet while the other is to recreate the scene when Hulk is putting on the Gauntlet. You get two different hands one “Snap” hand and one hand with fully articulated fingers. You can use both hands on the two Gauntlets. The LED light-up feature can only be used when you put the Gauntlet on the figure. It does look pretty good and if I’m not wrong, they got the colors of each stone correctly. The LED light-up feature is always a cool feature to have even though I rarely use it.


This is not your usual figure. Firstly, he is fully dressed. Secondly, he is smaller than previous versions of the character. It’s actually accurate to how he is in the movie. When you see him interact with the other characters he isn’t as big as the “Smash” Hulk versions. And finally, it’s the first time Hulk’s face truly resembles Mark Ruffalo. It’s because this Hulk is a perfect mix between Hulk and Bruce Banner.


I only wanted one Hulk figure in my collection and for me, that’s the one. I love this version of Hulk and having a headsculpt that resembles Mark Ruffalo is a big win for me. The outfit is great, it’s simple but efficient. They kept the classic purple and added a lot of grays. Despite, being a simple outfit, you can tell a lot of work has been put into it. They used different shades of grey, every detail is there.

In terms of articulation, you have a pretty good articulation range. However, the texture of the fabric is similar to the Black Widow and Rocket figures from Avengers Endgame. So I wouldn’t recommend displaying your figure in the same action pose for a long period of time. Otherwise, the suit may be damaged.


The headsculpt is absolutely fantastic. Just like in the movie, you can tell it’s Mark Ruffalo there. The head was sculpted by Hwan Kim and painted by JC Hong. For me, it’s definitely Kim’s best work so far. And Hulk also looks great with glasses!


This Hulk is a great figure with a fantastic headsculpt made by Hwan Kim.

The Hot Toys Hulk from Avengers Endgame is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles and is available to order now.


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