September 30, 2023
Hot Toys Review | Rocket (Avengers Endgame)

Thomas checks out the most realistic Hot Toys Rocket figure so far. But will the lack of a second head sculpt ruin the set?

The Hot Toys Rocket figure from Avengers Endgame was one the first of that line to get released last year with War Machine, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.

Hot Toys Review Rocket (Avengers Endgame)


Although it’s a small character, the box is the same size as any other character. It has the same design as the other Avengers Endgame figures. It features a promotional art of the character, the Avengers logo, and the movie title card. Here the predominant color is red like Rocket’s scarf and some marks you can find on his outfit.

It comes with some great accessories. 5 interchangeable hands, an Aether extraction device, the Nano Gauntlet, 2 scarves, 2 goggles, four pistols, and the usual Avengers Endgame stand. The stand features the Ravagers symbol.

Hot Toys Review | Rocket (Avengers Endgame)


There are always two sides of collectors – the soft goods side and the plastic side. This figure will make both happy as you get a plastic scarf and a fabric one! So you get to display your figure with the one you prefer. The fabric one has wires inside which means you can pose it, it’s not static. The Nano Gauntlet is a great accessory to include with this figure! I love the paint app, it has a metallic feel to it.

You get two types of guns. The big ones and the small ones. The small ones fit in the holsters. Both are highly detailed!

Hot Toys Review | Rocket (Avengers Endgame)


Young Lee has made an amazing headsculpt. I love the angry look they gave him, it’s perfect for action poses. And JC Hong has also done a great job on the paint application. In terms of head paint, it’s the most realistic Rocket figure from Hot Toys so far. However, considering it’s a small figure and it comes with a big box, I would have liked to see a second headsculpt included. One that has a more neutral expression.

To use the goggles on the headsculpt, it’s quite simple – it works with magnets. One is to be put on his forehead and the other is to put on his eyes.


It’s my favorite Rocket costume, I love the space western look it has. Hot Toys has nailed it once again. It has a similar type of fabric as Black Widow from Avengers Endgame. So I would recommend not letting the figure stay in the same action pose for a long period. As with any other Hot Toys figures it has over 30 points of articulation so you can get some great action poses!


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A great figure with the most realistic Rocket headsculpt so far. However, a second headsculpt would have been greatly appreciated.

Rocket is produced by Hot Toys and is available to buy NOW!

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