Hot Toys Stormtrooper Commander The Mandalorian Review

The Hot Toys Stormtrooper Commander/Squad Leader is a fantastic figure. It’s like a real Stormtrooper made in figure form!  

It’s time to head to Tython for a rendezvous with the Hot Toys Stormtrooper Squad Leader from Star Wars: The Mandalorian. Interestingly, the figure was originally announced as the Stormtrooper Commander but Hot Toys has rebranded it as the Stormtrooper Squad Leader. Although it is still listed as “Commander” on the official website. But is the figure worth the wait?


It’s a Star Wars figure so you have the usual box design for Star Wars collectables. A black box with a picture of the figure at the center and the Star Wars logo. Because it’s a Hot Toys figure you have a colored strip with additional pictures. For The Mandalorian figures, it’s an orange-brownish strip. And since it’s an exclusive figure, you also have the ‘Sideshow Exclusive’ sticker if you got it from them. If you got it directly from Hong Kong or Toy Sapiens in Japan, you will have the ‘Hot Toys Exclusive’ sticker instead.


This figure comes with 7 interchangeable hands, an E-11 blaster, an E-22 double-barrel blaster rifle, a thermal detonator and a display base. That’s not a lot of accessories. Though, unlike the two Shoretrooper figures that were recently released, Hot Toys did include a choice of weapon for this one.

The thermal detonator works with magnets, you can attach it to the belt of the figure. As for the two blasters, it’s a simple repack. They are highly detailed with a little weathering on them.

As for the display base, it’s the usual sandy one with footprints. It’s a common base used for The Mandalorian figures. This one has a sandy color with some green on it to recreate the environment from Tython. I’ve said it before, it’s a good display base, I like the sandy texture on it but it could be much better if they removed the footprints. If you don’t put the figure exactly on the footprints, it does look a bit weird.


This is the first Stormtrooper figure I have purchased from Hot Toys and it’s not going to be my last one. Indeed, I am already waiting to receive the Artillery Stormtrooper!

This figure looks great! Hot Toys has done another fantastic job! I love the subtle weathering all other the armor, it’s a nice mix with the shiny armor. The undersuit is made of fabric which means you can get awesome action poses! Plus the armor parts can be adjusted for better articulation range. This figure has over 30 points of articulation.

I am glad that The Mandalorian kept the same helmet design from Rogue One as it’s my favorite Stormtrooper helmet. There is a small line at the top of the helmet, it’s totally normal. It’s part of the weathering. And to my big surprise, the pauldron is removable which means you can turn it into a simple Stormtrooper. So that means you can army build him. How cool is that? Though, if you get a few of this trooper, you will probably have to repaint his helmet a little bit. Otherwise, they will all have the scratch line at the top of the helmet.


This is a fantastic figure, it’s like a real Stormtrooper made in figure form. It’s something you love to see! Plus, you can actually remove the pauldron and make it into a simple Stormtrooper, how cool is that ?

The Hot Toys Stormtrooper Squad Leader Sixth Scale Collectible Figure is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles and is available to order now!



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