December 4, 2023

By order of the Empire! The Hot Toys Scout Trooper and Speeder Bike set from The Mandalorian are finally here!

The Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike from The Mandalorian is a deluxe set. Though, you can also get the same Scout Trooper separately with just a display base and interchangeable hands.

Hot Toys Scout Trooper And Speeder Bike The Mandalorian


The box has the same design as the other Star Wars Collectibles boxes – a black box with pictures of the figure on it. It also has a colored stripe, for The Mandalorian, it’s an orange one.  The box was bigger than I thought, it’s massive!

As for the accessories, it comes with interchangeable hands, an EC-17 hold-out blaster pistol, a Grogu figure, a satchel, two display bases. The first display base is for the speeder bike. The second is for the Scout Trooper if you want to display him on his own. The blaster is painted all in black with the usual attention to detail.

Hot Toys Scout Trooper And Speeder Bike The Mandalorian

The Scout Trooper base is the same that has been used for Crait Luke Skywalker, both Mandalorian figures, Commander Cody, IG-11, and others. It will be used again on upcoming figures like The Mandalorian from season 2. It’s a great sandy base at least for the texture but the footprints are a problem. When you display these figures, you have to put the feet exactly on the footprints, otherwise, it looks a bit weird. If Hot Toys could fix that for upcoming figures, it would be perfect because it’s a pretty good base otherwise.

The base for the Speeder is rather large and features a sandy environment with some rocks. Both display bases are painted in grey like the sand on Nevarro.

Hot Toys Scout Trooper And Speeder Bike The Mandalorian

And Grogu is basically the same figure but with a new headsculpt. His facial expression has been selected to recreate the scene when IG-11 is piloting the speeder. It’s always cool to have a new Grogu figure.

As usual, before using the figure read the instruction sheet.


Hot Toys Scout Trooper And Speeder Bike The Mandalorian

Hot Toys has put a lot of details into it whether it’s the controls or the wires, the reactors. There’s also nice weathering done all over the vehicle. This speeder bike is a beautiful piece! It’s a very light vehicle. I was surprised about it because I expected a heavy piece. Actually, it’s a good thing because when you display it with the base you don’t have to worry whether it will fall off because of its weight.

Hot Toys Scout Trooper And Speeder Bike The Mandalorian

Several parts can move – the foot pedals, the backpedals, the handle grips, and the cannon. The foot pedals work with magnets so it’s not difficult to install the trooper on the speeder. IG-11 also has magnets in his feet so you can display him on the speeder.

Hot Toys Scout Trooper And Speeder Bike The Mandalorian


We finally have our first Hot Toys Scout Trooper and I’m so happy about it! It’s one of my favorite trooper designs from the original trilogy. With no surprise, Hot Toys has done a great job on this one. I love the weathering on the figure, it feels like he has dirt stuck on his armor. They got every detail right like the back of the helmet and the knee pads. In The Mandalorian, these knee pads are upside down. The blaster also easily fits in the holster.

As for the articulation range, it’s great because once again they used fabric under the armor. You can also move the different pieces of armor if you want better articulation for certain poses. This figure has over 30 points of articulation which is needed when you display him on the speeder.


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Hot Toys has nailed it once again with this set! The speeder bike is a beautiful piece and the Scout Trooper is really great too. Both have nice weathering. So I definitely recommend this set. However, if you just want the trooper, you can also get him separately too.

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