September 30, 2023
New Poster For Uncharted

Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake risks life and limb on the latest poster for Sony Pictures’ upcoming Uncharted movie

A glorious new poster for Sony Pictures’ big-screen adaptation of Uncharted has arrived. The upcoming blockbuster starring Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg appears to be a glorious take on the source material. So it comes as no surprise that Sony is eager to ramp up the hype train ahead of the movies’ release on February 11.

Uncarted Movie
Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland star in Columbia Pictures’ UNCHARTED.

Today, the official Uncharted Twitter account has released a new poster. And it reveals Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake channeling his inner Spider-Man (how fitting) and dangling from a cargo plane.  Check it out below:

Uncharted Movie UK Poster


This new poster is excellent and effortlessly captures the adventure aesthetic of the games. And this only adds to the hype generated by the recent behind-the-stunts featurette which you can enjoy below.

Whether or not Uncharted can duck the trend and become one of the better videogame adaptations remains to be seen. But with Tom Holland leading the charge, and Mark Wahlberg on hand to stick the landing surely it has a better chance than most. But we’ll be lining up to enjoy the ride either way!

Sony Pictures’ Uncharted releases on February 11.

Source: Sony Pictures


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