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After the arrival of Din Djarin, who will be the next guest star on The Book Of Boba Fett? Let’s explore the prospects…

The Mando-Verse has made a habit of delivering unexpected cameos. After a sensational first season practically free of legacy characters, Season two ramped up the fun with Bo-Katan Kryze, Ahsoka Tano, Boba Fett, and Luke Skywalker. And if that wasn’t enough to send us into Star Wars heaven; The Book Of Boba Fett has already gifted a live-action debut to Krrsantan. And most recently, the fifth chapter of the series welcomed back The Mandalorian himself, Din Djarin.

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So, that opens up the question of who else could we see in the remaining episodes of the season? Rumors have suggested that an abundance of legacy characters could be making a welcome return. But these could amount to little more than hopes and dreams at this point. But eager to jump on the bandwagon, I thought I’d offer some realistic prospects and whittle the list down to a handful of candidates. Usually, I’d be realistic in my approach to a list like this. But last year’s return of Mark Hamill pretty much smashed my expectations and proved that we can never put anything past Jon Favreau. So, this list will be a free for all…with a hint of realism thrown in. This is the way!

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Arguably the worst kept secret in fandom. Almost every fansite from here to Tatooine has reported on the rumors that Harrison Ford has filmed a cameo for the season finale. And what’s more, the cameo will be utilizing the same de-aging software used to restore Mark Hamill to his former glory. Better yet, Lucasfilm has since hired Shamook, the deepfake artist who famously improved on ILM’s work on The Mandalorian. So, we can all look forward to a spectacular cameo SHOULD it come to fruition. And a Han Solo cameo wouldn’t be complete without the mighty Wookiee, Chewbacca. So expect the famous walking carpet to be on hand to add some Wookiee magic.

Star Wars | Defining Moments: Han Solo


Bossk and Boba Fett go together like Stormtroopers and missing targets. But last we saw Bossk he was amongst the spectators aboard Jabba’s Sail Barge floating perilously above the Sarlaac Pit. So, the question is, did he survive Luke Skywalker’s destruction of Jabba’s criminal empire? If somehow, he managed to survive and lived to fight another day, in what state will his relationship with Boba be?

The ferocious Transdoshan has a love/hate relationship with Boba and their rivalry is legendary. So, can these frenemies put their differences aside and work together to defend Boba’s position as the new daimyo of Mos Espa? All will be revealed!

Star Wars Legend Alan Harris Passes Away


Another esteemed legacy character from the infamous bounty hunter meeting aboard the Executor. Dengar fortuitously escaped the destruction of Jabba’s Sail Barge due to a prior engagement and continued to serve as a bounty hunter after the fall of the Empire. So, there’s no reason Dengar couldn’t pop up and help a fellow hunter out! However, Simon Pegg, who famously voiced the character in The Clone Wars, recently revealed that he won’t be making an appearance this season. But, of course, this may be a deliberate ploy to throw us off the scent. And given Favreau’s track record, anything is possible in a galaxy far, far away…



Arguably the most probable cameo after Harrison Ford. Emilia Clarke has already signed on the dotted line to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe and has been very vocal about her intentions to return to the GFFA. And with the Pyke Syndicate revealed to be the true villains of the series and their close working relationship with Crimson Dawn; the crime family Qi’Ra inherited from Darth Maul, she is the most likely character to pop up. And of course, her close association with Han Solo makes this a rendezvous a star-crossed reunion written in the stars. And the most awkward…especially with Han being recently married to Leia and becoming a father to Ben Solo!



The cameo the fans would love to see. Cad Bane and Boba Fett have a chequered past. After their paths crossed in the unfinished episodes of The Clone Wars, Bane continued to hunt bounties during the era of the Empire. And famously made his return in The Bad Batch to match wits with Fennec Shand, who just so happens to be working with Boba Fett. So, the obvious connections are hard to ignore. And who doesn’t want to see Cad Bane enter the hallowed halls of Boba’s Palace? So, bring on the live-action incarnation of Cad Bane, and let’s get the party started.


Sadly with the flashback sequences coming to an end, any chance of Jango Fett making an appearance has come to end. But, with The Mandalorian about to set off to reunite with Grogu, who is currently in the care of Luke Skywalker; perhaps Mark Hamill is about to blow our minds and make another impromptu appearance. Leaning further into the pages of the Marvel Comics, conceivably Doctor Aphra could make her live-action debut and reunite with Krrsantan. Or maybe Katee Sackhoff will make an unexpected return as Bo-Katan Kryze and deepen Din Djarin’s journey into the lineage of the Darksaber.

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The Mandalorian Chapter 11 (Image courtesy of Disney/Lucasfilm)

Dare we dream of an unlikely on-screen reunion between Han and Luke? Something we all desperately missed out on in the sequel trilogy! At this point, anything is possible, but given the nature of the series, I’d say any of the five mentioned above are extremely likely. But all will be revealed as the series reaches its conclusion.

Who would you like to see make an appearance in The Book Of Boba Fett? Is Harrison Ford enough to have you dancing around the campfire like a Tusken at a Krayyt Dragon barbecue? Or would a mind-blowing appearance from Lando Calrissian tip you over the edge? Leave a comment and share your wishlist below.

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  1. Great article as usual! The Han Solo cameo is the most likely scenario but I also like your other suggestions as well. Qi’ra is a necessity if it turns out Crimson Dawn is pulling the strings of the Pykes. Bossk is an interesting idea. The last time Boba Fett saw Bossk, he left him to freeze on an ice world, so he might not be so keen to see Boba.

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