To Boldly Go | Star Trek: The Motion Picture Hits 40

La-La Land Records And Paramount Music releases the remastered and expanded Jerry Goldsmith Score from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

You can say what you like about the film (I love it) but 1979s ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’ brought the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise back to us all. We all thought it was all over for William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, and the cast. But we once again leaped aboard the Enterprise and joined in on a fantastic new voyage. We sat enthralled for over two hours as our beloved crew battled a new enemy out in the universe. Ok, so at times it did feel like one of those ‘Reunion’ movies. But it brought joy to the fans and introduced the crew to a new generation.

Star trek The Motion Picture


One of the best things about the film was the score. Yes, it didn’t contain the main theme from the series that much, only brief snippets. But what composer Jerry Goldsmith created not only launched the Enterprise and her crew on a brand new adventure but also gave us a theme that is still used to this day. Listen to the opening theme to ‘Star Trek: Picard.’ Yes, a small part of Goldsmith’s main theme is used. That same theme was used for the opening and closing credits of ‘Star Trek-The Next Generation.‘ And Goldsmith again brought the theme to a further four ‘Star Trek’ films. His music for the original film has continued to be used forty-three years after it first was heard in theatres.

Jerry Goldsmith
The Legendary Jerry Goldsmith.


Later this year sees the release of ‘Star Trek-The Motion Picture: The Director’s Edition.’ It has been released before on DVD and is available to buy in HD via streaming sites. But this time, the film has again been enhanced. And will be available in stunning 4K for the first time. Having looked at the still images and the brief footage released so far, I can honestly say it looks better than ever. The colors are crisp and clear. The sound is phenomenal. And I honestly can’t wait to see it on Paramount+. To tie in with this incredible new 4K release, La-La Land Records and Paramount Music are to re-release the 2012 2 CD remastered and expanded score for the film. I own it already. But I can honestly say that if you haven’t got it, you’re missing out on something incredibly special.




The 2 CD score is limited to 10,000 units. It has been fully restored, remixed, and remastered from the first generation multi-track masters. Bruce Botnick was Goldsmith’s long-time scoring engineer and was the co-producer on the original album. What Botnick has done with the score here is nothing short of extraordinary. The post-production supervisor/ Associate producer has co-produced the album with Botnick. Both have handled the restoration, editing, and assembly of the entire score of music.


The first disc contains almost all of the expanded score from the film. It contains the film versions of tracks such as ‘Leaving Drydock.’ ‘The Cloud’, and ‘Spock Walk.’ It also now, thankfully features the music from the Enterprise’s ‘Warp Outs’ which contains Alexander Courage’s original ‘Star Trek’ theme. The best of these is the slightly longer version which is track 12 on the CD. Other standouts include ‘The Crew Briefing’ which is here in its entirety finally. The aforementioned ‘Leaving Drydock’. And many other stand-out pieces of truly classic Jerry Goldsmith cues and themes.

To Boldly Go | Star Trek: The Motion Picture Hits 40

Disc 2 contains the final two tracks from the expanded score. The first is the classic ‘The Meld And A Good Start’ which happens to be one of my favorite pieces of music on the entire soundtrack. Following on from this, we have additional music which includes the short version of the opening overture which was played before the film started in 1979. The long version appears on the first disc and is heard before the opening of ‘The Director’s Edition.‘ The alternate music includes versions of ‘Leaving Drydock’, ‘Spock’s Arrival’, and ‘Inner Workings’ amongst others. The remainder of disc 2 contains the original soundtrack album from 1979. This contains nine tracks and is made up of different parts of the original score.

To Boldly Go | Star Trek: The Motion Picture Hits 40


CD 1

1 Overture 2:49
2 Main Title And Klingon Battle 7:02
3 Total Logic 3:54
4 Floating Office 1:07
5 The Enterprise 6:01
6 Malfunction 1:31
7 The Crew Briefing 2:12
8 Leaving Drydock (Film Version) 3:33
9 Captain’s Log – Warp One:49
10 No Goodbyes:54
11 Spock’s Arrival 2:04
12 Captain’s Log – Warp Seven 1:49
13 Meet V’Ger 3:04
14 The Cloud (Film Version) 5:05
15 V’Ger Flyover 5:03
16 The Force Field 5:06
17 Micro Exam 1:15
18 Games 5:35
19 Spock Walk (Film Version) 4:23
20 System Inoperative 2:03
21 Hidden Information 3:58
22 Inner Workings 4:04
23 V’Ger Speaks 4:05


CD 2

1 The Meld And A Good Start 5:38
2 End Credits 3:15


3 Overture (Short Version) 1:42
4 The Enterprise (Alternate) 6:07
5 Leaving Drydock (Alternate) 2:40
6 No Goodbyes (Alternate):57
7 Spock’s Arrival (Alternate) 2:03
8 Micro Exam (Alternate) 1:18
9 Games (Alternate Excerpt) 3:51
10 Inner Workings (Alternate) 4:38
11 The Meld (Alternate) 3:18
12 A Good Start 2:29


13 Main Title / Klingon Battle 6:54
14 Leaving Drydock 3:33
15 The Cloud 4:59
16 The Enterprise 6:02
17 Ilia’s Theme 3:04
18 Vejur Flyover 4:59
19 The Meld 3:18
20 Spock Walk 4:21
21 End Title 3:20



Music Composed and Conducted by JERRY GOLDSMITH Performed by The Hollywood Studio Symphony

The album is now available to buy from the La-Land Records website.

Sources: La-La Land Records/ Paramount Music


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