Hot Toys Captain Marvel Avengers Endgame Review

“The Hot Toys Captain Marvel is a fantastic figure with some improvements over the solo movie figure. And the headsculpt is amazing! For me, it’s a must-have!”

Hot Toys is adding another character to their line of figures from Avengers Endgame. Today, we are reviewing the one and only Captain Marvel! But can this version of Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers improve over the previous release?

Hot Toys Captain Marvel Avengers Endgame Review


The box has the usual Avengers Endgame design. This means you have a promotional drawing of the character with the Avengers logo, the name of the movie, and the name of the character. The predominant colors here are blue and red because of Captain Marvel’s outfit. On the sides, you have a small symbol of the Avengers and Captain Marvel. When you remove the first part of the box you can see the figure and behind another big Avengers logo.

Hot Toys Captain Marvel Avengers Endgame Review


She doesn’t come with as many accessories as the first Captain Marvel figure. Though, it’s understandable as this is not a deluxe version. She comes with eight hands, four energy effects, two blue energy bracelets, a display base, an Infinity Gauntlet, and batteries for the LED light-up features.

It’s your usual Avengers Endgame display base. This means you have Captain Marvel’s symbol, the Avengers symbol, the title card of the movie, and the nameplate. The main colors on the base are yellow and blue. Yellow for the color of Captain Marvel’s symbol and blue because there is a lot of blue on her costume. As for the energy effects, it’s the same effects as the solo movie Captain Marvel figure. Except for that one, the fist effects were yellow and the bracelets orange. They adapted them to how her energy fields look in Avengers Endgame.

And finally, the Infinity Gauntlet has the same sculpt as the gauntlet that came with Hulk, except it’s damaged. And it’s not one that a figure can wear, it can only be carried as an accessory. You also have a LED light-up feature, which is always cool to have. Though, it’s not their best one. Indeed, some stones are more light up than the others.


Hot Toys Captain Marvel Avengers Endgame Review

I’m a big fan of Captain Marvel, I just love the character in the comics and the MCU, I think Brie Larson is such a talented actress and she was the right person for the role! So obviously, any Hot Toys figure of that character is a must-buy for me! The suit itself is very similar to the solo movie version except the color pattern is different. For the solo movie, blue was the predominant color while here, it’s red. The Endgame outfit also features a sash on her belt, that’s a classic element from her costumes in the comics.

Even though it’s a similar outfit, there are some clear changes. The shoulder pads allow better articulation range this time. Plus, they removed the knee pads. This time, it’s just a piece of fabric on the pants, which is how it looks in the movie. It’s the same for the other blue marks all over the outfit. Overall, the suit is an improvement over the first version of the figure for articulation range. It’s the small changes of the suit that allowed Hot Toys to give us a better articulation range. The torso also uses hard plastic but as much as last time, there is a lot more fabric used.

I prefer this color pattern, though I prefer her haircut from the solo movie. So far my favorite Captain Marvel look is in Shang-Chi. She does appear in the mid-credits scene. That look is her outfit from Endgame with a haircut closer to the solo movie. Because it’s a similar outfit they used the same type of material as the first Captain Marvel figure. Thus, I don’t recommend leaving the figure in the same action pose for a long time, be careful with how you display your figure.

As for the LED light-up feature on the arms, it’s a lot better than on the Infinity Gauntlet. It’s always a nice feature to have on a figure.


As for the headsculpt, it was made by Jang So Young and painted by E-Lee and JC Hong. I think it’s spot-on in terms of Brie Larson’s likeness, you definitely recognize her! Another amazing headsculpt! I also love how they sculpted the hair, it’s slick. And this time the hair paint is better. On the solo movie figure, it was a little too brown, here it’s the right shade of blond. We got some great improvements for this figure. This time the head and neck are just one piece so it’s less articulation but it does look better. If you were wondering the solo movie headsculpt doesn’t fit on this body, it’s not the same peg hole.



The Hot Toys Captain Marvel is a fantastic figure with some improvements over the solo movie figure. And the headsculpt is amazing! For me, it’s a must-have!


The Hot Toys Captain Marvel from Avengers Endgame is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles and is available to pre-order NOW! 

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