January 30, 2023

Tokyo 24th Ward‘s finale is poignant and entertaining but it is also quite messy. This is not the satisfying conclusion the show deserved.”

Tokyo 24th Ward is finally coming to an end with episode 12. Was this a satisfying conclusion?


The episode picks up exactly where we left off last week. The first act acts as a team-up of our heroes to reach Asumi. And this part is pure entertainment. Shuta, Koki and Ran work as a proper team like they used to. It is so refreshing to see them working together again. I had missed that from the first episodes.

For their last mission, Shuta gets a hero “costume.” In fact, it would be more appropriate to say hero accessories. It suits him! Honestly, seeing him with his hero suit, I wish he had gotten it earlier in the series. The trio interactions we see in this episode is something that should have been more present throughout the series. Or, they should have made this series a twenty four episode series, not a twelve episode series.


The second part of the episode focuses on the decision the heroes have to take about Asumi. It is the emotional life-changing moment of the series. They have to decide what to do with the KANAE system and what is best for Asumi. Overall, it is a poignant sequence when it feels the most intimate as the four characters interact together. However, the part that involves everyonein the ward feels completely off. So, it doesn’t ruin the meaning of the scene but it does tamper with the emotional weight of it. And that is just too bad. Because this scene is so important not only for the characters but its consequences matter to the future of the 24th ward. Something more intimate would have had a bigger impact. Although, I like the story choices made by the writers, their execution is messy.


This is the final episode and yet, there are no opening credits nor end credits. It is disappointing especially with a series that has such cool credits. I would have really wanted to see them one last time. Though, we do hear again the opening song ‘Papersky.’ Survive Said The Prophet also sings a new song ‘Find You’ during the episode. However, we barely hear these songs. Indeed, the volume is very low and they are played when the characters are talking. So we hear a background noise with lyrics when the characters are talking. This editing choice just doesn’t work. These songs should have been played at a different time. They should have used the score instead for those scenes.


Tokyo 24th Ward‘s finale is poignant and entertaining but it is also quite messy. This is not the satisfying conclusion the show deserved. The series had trouble finding its ground at the beginning and it ends in a semi-disappointing way. Overall, this series is a good series but not a great one. I would still recommend to watch it because it is enjoyable despite its flaws.

Tokyo 24th Ward is now streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.


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