December 4, 2023

This week’s episode of Tokyo 24th Ward is emotionally heavy. This series keeps getting better.”

Good news, it’s Wednesday so it’s time for a new episode of Tokyo 24th Ward. Bad news, the season is almost over. So, I was a bit disappointed to see that this episode does not feature the usual opening credits. It’s such a good opening that I want to see it as much as possible. That being said, was this episode good?


This episode picks up where we left off last week. Shuta, Ran and Koki have to decide what to do about Asumi. Obviously, each has a different goal in mind. Ran wants to destroy the KANAE system. Koki wants to keep it alive. And Shuta doesn’t know what to do, he just wants to save Asumi.

It is not an easy choice. So I do think it’s interesting to see each character having a different stand on the issue. I like that this series explores the complexities of what is morally right or wrong. The KANAE system can be a good thing but in the wrong hands, it can be a dangerous weapon. But does that justify keeping alive the brain of a human being? Or is the cost too much? This series asks the important questions.

As usual, Shuta is the one who feels the most human in the situation. And that’s because he is a hero. He deeply cares about people. Furthermore, it concerns Asumi so it is an even more difficult decision for him. When it comes to her, he is still stuck in the past. He needs to find closure. The first part of the episode really delves into Shuta’s guilt when it comes to Asumi. I found it to be quite compelling. Yes, he is a hero but he is not your vanilla hero, he is a complex hero. Shuta is a sincere character, one to which people can definitely relate to. That’s what I love so much about him.


Moreover, this episode features the long awaited reunion of our main trio – Shuta, Ran Koki. They went separate ways earlier this season and since then they hadn’t been all together. They all took a different path. Plus, Koki made a choice that set him apart the most from the other two. He was ready to sacrifice everything for the KANAE system.

Obviously, their reunion is not without some tensions. Indeed, it is more of a confrontation. They have a lot of things to say and a lot of wounds to mend. This confrontation is both explosive and emotional. It acts as a turning point for the final episodes. So this is definitely going to be interesting to see what the dynamic will be between these characters in the next episode.


This week’s episode of Tokyo 24th Ward is emotionally heavy. This series keeps getting better.

Tokyo 24th Ward is now streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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