February 6, 2023
Fantastic Beasts

“Fantastic Beasts The Secrets of Dumbledore is absolutely phenomenal. From start to finish, it is a magical adventure with a lot of heart. The cast is incredible and Jude Law is the perfect Albus Dumbledore.”

Four years after The Crimes of Grindelwald, Fantastic Beasts returns for a third chapter with The Secrets of Dumbledore. In that time a lot has happened including behind the scenes. Indeed, Mads Mikkelsen has replaced Johnny Depp as the main villain Grindelwald. And Steve Kloves has joined JK Rowling on the writing side. So are these changes a worthy addition to this saga?


Fantastic Beasts

The Secrets of Dumbledore is a return to magic. I have been waiting for this movie for four years. So, it definitely feels good to return to the wizarding world. It feels as if we had never left it, old friends seeing each other again. The Harry Potter books and movies have been such an important part of my childhood. So, this universe will always mean a lot to me. Thus, I am always eager to return to the cinema for a new chapter. And, I will say it right away The Secrets of Dumbledore is a worthy threequel to the Fantastic Beasts.

It brings back beloved characters from the first two movies while also introducing new ones. I definitely didn’t expect Yusuf Kama to return but I am glad he did. For this new adventure, Dumbledore assembles a little team to try to stop Grindelwald. In that way, it reminds me of Dumbledore’s army in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – a small group of people trying to stop evil forces. There is a lot at stake this time with Grindelwald’s rise to power. It is a tense movie as our heroes are launching themselves in a race against time.

Furthermore, this movie has it all – action, adventure, emotion, drama, and obviously a lot of magic. And all of that lasts 142 minutes, which makes it the longest of the Fantastic Beasts movies. To be honest, I would not have minded if it was even longer. You truly do not feel the time passing by. From start to finish, it is a magical adventure. For me, it is even the best movie of the Wizarding World after the two Deathly Hallows.

As the title indicates this movie deals a lot with the Dumbledores. Even though Newt remains the main protagonist, Albus’ role is central to the story. In a way, I would almost say he is the co-lead. And yes, secrets are revealed. But more importantly, this new chapter dives into Dumbledore’s love story with Grindelwald. It is exactly what I have been waiting for. As I always say representation matters and having two important characters talking about their love for one another is extremely meaningful.


First of all, I need to talk about Mads Mikkelsen. I loved Depp’s version of the character. So I was obviously sad to see him go. But, I knew if someone could fill his shoes, it would be an actor like Mikkelsen. And I was right. Mikkelsen delivers a thrilling performance. He is deliciously evil as Grindelwald. He has an imposing presence in every scene he is. I love how he plays the character – it is the type of villain who tries to appear as a good person to lure in people but he is as evil as it gets.

As for Jude Law, I already loved his portrayal of Albus Dumbledore in The Crimes of Grindelwald. However, I thought he was not present enough in that movie. This time, with his name in the title, he has a lot more screen time. I have to say he is the perfect Albus Dumbledore. There is so much depth and gravitas to his performance. Dumbledore is a complex and tormented character, Jude Law makes us feel all of that in his acting. He also adds a certain charm to the character and that makes him a scene-stealer.

The rest of the cast is great as well. Eddie Redmayne delivers as usual an endearing performance as Newt. As for Dan Fogler, he brings humor with his performance but also a lot of heart. Among the new additions, I have to mention Jessica Williams. She brings a lot of energy to her character. She and Callum Turner form a nice duo.


Fantastic Beasts

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix had raised the bar high for magical fights. Dumbledore’s duel against Voldemort was the most spectacular there was. Not anymore. In fact, Dumbledore has two breathtaking fight scenes in this new movie. Indeed, I was really impressed by the work done with the visual effects. This is quite the spectacle! It is magic at its best.

Obviously, the rest of the movie also looks amazing. There is a lot of magic in some fight scenes. Plus, we encounter some wonderful new creatures including one that plays a crucial role in the plot. Furthermore, Richmond’s cinematography level things up and makes everything visually more eye-catching.


Fantastic Beasts

James Newton Howard returns to compose the score of this third chapter. And once again, he delivers an astonishing score. He brings back themes from the first two movies and also from the Harry Potter movies while also creating new themes. His music does add a lot to the magic of the movie. Howard’s work on the Fantastic Beasts movies will be remembered as memorable.


The Secrets of Dumbledore is absolutely phenomenal. From start to finish, it is a magical adventure with a lot of heart. The cast is incredible and Jude Law is the perfect Albus Dumbledore.

Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore is now in cinemas in the UK and several other countries. 


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