September 27, 2023
Hot Toys Spider-Man No Way Home Black & Gold Suit Review

The Hot Toys Black & Gold Suit Spidey from Spider-Man No Way Home isn’t a perfect figure but it has a great design and is still worth adding to your collection!

Hot Toys released their first figure from Spider-Man No Way Home just before the release of the movie in Hong Kong. Now, international fans are finally starting to receive this figure. And it’s only the beginning, many more figures are coming from the hit movie!


It is a simple box design. There is no promotional art on the front. Instead, there is a Spider-Man logo. The box uses the same patterns like the black and gold suit. So this is still a pretty good-looking box. You do get a promotional art of the suit at the back when you remove the first part of the box.

Spider-Man Black & Gold Suit (Spider-Man No Way Home)


You get a pretty good number of accessories. First, is the display base. It is a simple one with a black and gold pattern, the logo of the movie, and the nameplate that indicates black and gold suit. It’s a nice base but nothing special. Concerning the hands, you have the same number of hands as you got with the Upgraded Suit from Spider-Man Far From Home. Indeed, there are two closed fist hands, one hand to hold some of the web effects; one hand to hold the mask, two shooting web hands (with the web-shooters), two open hands, and two wide-open hands. 

Then you have the usual web effects. Two big ones, two small ones, and two different ones to hold with the hand. There is also an extension for the big ones. So this gives you some good possibilities for display. What is also great for display are interchangeable eyes for the masked headsculpt and you get some nice possibilities there. There are two closed eyes, two different pairs of semi-opened eyes, two open eyes, and two wide-open eyes.

Hot Toys Spider-Man No Way Home Black & Gold Suit


And this is not over yet. Because there is also a Spider-Man mask for the figure to hold when you display him with the Peter Parker headsculpt! It’s nicely done, the eyes are the same pieces of plastic as the masked headsculpt except they have been glued. Finally, you also have accessories you don’t get with other Spider-man figures. The mystic art effects! There is one you attach to the chest, it works with magnets. Then, there is one you attach to the mystic art web shooter. The shooter uses golden paint and it’s nicely sculpted.


This is the same sculpt as the upgraded suit because it’s the upgraded suit turned upside down. When the figure was first revealed it was a bit different. There was some red near the hands but then they updated the design when Marvel sent them the updated design. However, it seems that between that time and the release of the movie Marvel made some changes to the suit again. When you watch the movie, you see that there are a lot of wires all over the suit which isn’t what you have with the figure.

And honestly, I cannot blame Hot Toys for that inaccuracy. Because it was clear that when Marvel made that change to the suit during the post-production, the figure was likely too far in production to be changed. Thus, it does change the vibe of the suit, it doesn’t look exactly the same. But, it doesn’t mean this figure is a complete catastrophe. Apart from the wires and I know the wires do matter, the suit itself is accurate and does feature a lot of details. Plus, I dig the design of this suit. So that is why I still decided to get it. 

Hot Toys Spider-Man No Way Home Black & Gold Suit


All over the suit, you can see a black pattern and this is printed on the suit, it’s a beautiful work. As usual with Hot Toys it is about the details. Then you have the golden patterns, you can see on the hands and the forearms, it represents some kind of wires directly printed onto the suit. So when you look at this suit, you can tell it’s a special kind of suit. It’s not every day you get a black and gold spider-man suit in the MCU.  This figure has over 30 points of articulation so you can get some awesome action poses. However, just like the upgraded suit, because of the materials used for the suit, if you display your figure in the same action poses for a long period, your figure will be damaged. So be careful with that.


Now about the headsculpt, it is also the same headsculpt that came with the upgraded suit. And no, it is not a lazy move by Hot Toys. Yulli Choi gave us the best Spider-Man headsculpt. It was painted by JC Hong and E-Lee. When you have something perfect, why change it? Especially since the movie takes place right after Far From Home. So he still has the same look. We have seen the reaction from people with the original Iron Man MK-85 headsculpt, you don’t want that type of reaction again.



This isn’t a perfect figure as it is not completely screen-accurate. Nevertheless, this black and gold suit is a great design and still definitely worth picking up for spider-man fans!


The Hot Toys Spider-Man Black & Gold Suit from Spider-Man No Way Home is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles and is available to pre-order NOW! 

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