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Fans of the SnyderVerse are calling on Warner Bros. to continue with the legendary director’s original vision of the DC Universe. But will it happen?


Six years ago there was a brand new addition to the DCEU (DC Extended Universe.) It was Batman vs. Superman. The film was one for the ages; two comic book goliaths – Batman and Superman – would be going at it and Zack Snyder, the director behind the acclaimed 300, was the one bringing this larger-than-life matchup to the big screen. Unfortunately, upon its theatrical release, it received a dismal 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes for its poor editing and powerless storytelling. Audiences were nicer, giving it a decent 63% score.

The Batman | Appraising Ben Affleck's Tenure as the Dark Knight


At the time, Snyder was not the legend so many have claimed him to be. That didn’t begin until the Ultimate Edition of Batman vs. Superman was released on Digital and Blu-Ray. The R-rated “masterpiece” filled in the gaping holes the theatrical release delivered in abundance, providing an alternate look at a film that was far better than first conceived. Of course, like most franchise movies these days, the Justice League was set up in the film. That left fans salivating for what was to come. But unfortunately, due to a personal tragedy for Zack Snyder during the production of Justice League, Joss Whedon was signed on. He turned the Justice League into a wise-cracking bunch of superheroes with a storyline so rushed; disjointed, and lackluster that it instantly became one of the most despised comic book movies of all time.

Justice League


Thus, the groundbreaking fan-made movement called the #SnyderVerse was born as millions of fans demanded a revised version of Justice League. And Warner Bros. answered. After five long years, Zack Snyder was able to make the film he desired, if not better. Clocking in at a whopping four hours long!, Zack Snyder’s Justice League was a worthy answer to fans’ outrage over a film they knew could’ve been so much better. Instead of receiving Zack Snyder’s Justice League and moving on the #RestoretheSnyderVerse campaign has only become more rampant.

Zack Snyder not only fixed the problems left behind by Joss Whedon’s messy take on his film but he provided a glimpse into what could happen next. It whetted the fans’ appetite for more DC Comics epicness and now they will not be satisfied until they get the Justice League trilogy Snyder had hinted at. But will Warner Bros. ever answer?

Zack Snyder's Justice League


While it seems like a great idea for this epic story to continue the main reason why we’ll probably never get that Justice League trilogy is because there are just too many contingencies. As of right now, DC Comics is trying to take the story in a whole other direction with The Flash being a film that will set the story on an entirely different path. Then there are the actors.

Ezra Miller, honestly, is a liability for Warner Bros. to continue working with considering his violent history with casual civilians. Ben Affleck’s enjoyment in playing Batman has long evaporated. With his final appearance as the character set to take place in The Flash. And Henry Cavill doesn’t seem like he’s ready to reprise the role of Superman anytime soon. That’s three members of the Justice League left in limbo and no Justice League sequel will work if they’re not a part of it.

Zack Snyder's Justice League Darkseid


Long story short, I don’t think we’ll be getting any more of the SnyderVerse anytime soon, and honestly, that’s kind of a shame. The direction his story looked to be taking seemed interesting enough but unfortunately, this is not Marvel Studios. It’s DC Comics.

Which version of Justice League did you prefer? Should the SnyderVerse be allowed to continue? Sound off below.


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2 thoughts on “Should Warner Bros. Restore The SnyderVerse?

  1. It won’t happen now sadly, but yes it should continue.
    After Snyder’s cut of Justice League, which is a pure piece of cinematic genius, he should be allowed to continue.
    But he’s now moved on to other things.

  2. Restoring the Snyderverse is the only way to save the DCEU. Flashpoint had a slim chance to fix it, now it seems ruined.

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