December 8, 2022
Star Wars: Galactic Pals Launches On Star Wars Kids

A new series focussing on the Galactic Pals has just launched on Star Wars Kids

Are you ready to meet some Galactic Pals? The great team over at Star Wars Kids has launched a brand new segment on their YouTube channel featuring some of the galaxy’s most adorable critters. From the humble Ewok to the adorable Wookiee, every Galactic Pal is being explored in a fun new way. And what’s more, the series is accompanied by a brand new toy line featuring more pals than you can bullseye in a T-16!

Star Wars: Galactic Pals Launches On Star Wars Kids

But don’t take my word for it. Let’s join our old friend M1-RE and see what this awesome new series has in store for us.


Join M1-RE—or “Miree,”—a member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts, as she teaches you everything there is to know about caring for young creatures and aliens in the new animated shorts series, Star Wars: Galactic Pals!


A spinoff of the adventures of the droid SF-R3 (“Aree”) in Star Wars Galaxy of Creatures, Galactic Pals joins M1-RE (“Miree”), another member of the Galactic Society of Creature Enthusiasts, as she looks after and studies ornery Ortolans, fussy Hutts, scavenging Jawas, and more creatures and aliens aboard the Youngling Care Space Station.

Star Wars Galactic Pals Mattel Plush


And the news just keeps getting better. That’s because Mattel Plush is bringing the Galactic Pals to life in a brand new line of Plush Toys. These will include a Wookiee, an Ewok, a Jawa, and a Rodian, and they are available now at Target. Check them out below.

Star Wars Galactic Pals Mattel Plush

Star Wars Galactic Pals will have a 12-episode run, with the first six released every Tuesday through April 26. Additional episodes will debut later this year.  Check back here regularly for the latest episodes as they release. You’ll never miss a thing with Future Of The Force. But if you’re still craving a creature fix, feel free to explore our Creature Deathmatch.

Are you excited about this fun new series? Will you be grabbing a few of the new plush creatures for your Younglings? Leave a comment below.

Source: Star Wars Kids



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