December 2, 2023

The apprentice has arrived! The Hot Toys Ahsoka Tano has finally emerged from the Force to take her rightful place in your Clone Wars collection

The first Hot Toys figure of Ahsoka Tano is finally shipping for collectors outside of Asia! For this first figure, they decided to go with her appearance in the final season of The Clone Wars.


Hot Toys Ahsoka Tano

This is your usual Star Wars box design. Which means it is a black box with a picture of the figure at the center and the Star Wars logo. And since this is a figure from The Clone Wars, there is the blue and yellow colored strip.


Hot Toys Ahsoka Tano

She has some cool accessories. The display base is also your usual Star Wars interior base with a little bit of weathering. She has seven hands – two open hands, one hand to hold the comlink, three hands to hold the lightsaber with her signature hand and one closed fist hand. 

Moreover, she comes with her two lightsabers, the big one and the small one. Four blades are included for these lightsabers – two normal blades and two action blades.

Then, she has a thermal detonator and a comlink. It’s the same accessories we have seen before. With the comlink, there are three different holograms – Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin. The Obi-Wan hologram is in his full jedi attire while the Anakin hologram is from the early seasons of The Clone Wars. However, when Ahsoka has this outfit it’s at the same time as Revenge of the Sith so Anakin shouldn’t have this outfit. Nevertheless, it is nice that they included different options for the holograms.

And finally, she has her cape from her final scene of The Clone Wars. There are wires inside for better poses. Though do not display the figure with the cape for a long period, otherwise, the color of the cape will transfer onto the figure and that’s going to be a problem.


Hot Toys Ahsoka Tano

I am really glad they went with the final season of The Clone Wars for this first Ahsoka figure. It is my favorite outfit of hers from this series. Plus, the blue really suits her.

This figure uses a mix of plastic and fabric for the outfit. The armor parts are all made of plastic. While the rest of the outfit uses fabric. And with the fabric used, even though the skirt limits how far you can move the legs, you can give them great action poses. However, there is a problem with the arms. Indeed, she has seamless arms which means for display, you will have to give her a museum pose. If you give the arms an action pose for a long period of time, they will be torn apart very quickly. Seamless looks better because there are no visible articulation joints but you can’t move them much.


Now the headsculpt. It was made by Yeon Sun Jeon and painted by JC Hong. I think they have done a great job translating her face into live-action. When you look at it, it almost feels like a young Rosario Dawson. So, I appreciate that since Rosario is playing live-action Ahsoka. Furthermore, there is something even better about it – she has rolling eyeballs. And that is simply the best feature on a figure! She can look in any direction! How cool is that? In terms of articulation, her head is limited because of the lekku. 



This is a worth buying figure for fans of The Clone Wars. She comes with some cool accessories and she has rolling eyeballs, which is the best type of feature on a figure ! I definitely recommend getting this figure !

The Hot Toys Ahsoka Tano is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States! 


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