Fanfare of Adolescence announces a new collaboration!

Fanfare of Adolescence may be over but they have announced a new collaboration with OIOI. This time, it is an online lottery at the Marui Anime Playstore. The theme of the new illustration is pajamas. It features the two main characters – Yu and Shun.

Since it is a lottery, you are not sure of the goods you will receive. There are tapestries, acrylic stands, acrylic keychains and badges. If you buy five lottery tickets, you will also randomly receive one of the three postcards. A ticket costs 880 yen. So good luck! The event starts starts today and ends on July 12. However, the goods will be shipped in September.

Fanfare of Adolescence is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

SOURCE: Marui Anime Playstore


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