February 2, 2023
Hot Toys Vision (WandaVision) Review

“The HOT TOYS VISION is a great figure with a fantastic headsculpt. It doesn’t come with many accessories. Though, it includes a pretty good backdrop to use for your display!”

Vision is the first figure from the Marvel Disney Plus series that Hot Toys releases. This is an early release, which is always nice to see with all the delays. Hopefully, the Scarlet Witch is not far away.


This is a large box for a simple figure like Vision. It features a promotional picture of the character with a nice Hex effect on each side. You can also spot the series’ name and the character’s name on the front. When you remove the first part of the box, you have a window box that allows you to see the figure and behind there are several images of WandaVision. It is a very nice box design.


There are barely any accessories. But since it’s Vision, I can understand. However, I think considering the size of the box, there was enough space to include the chair from the promotional pictures. That could have been cool accessories to have. The display base features the symbol of Vision which is the top of his head where there is the Mind stone. You also have the name of the series, an Hex effect and the name of the character. So it is a simple base. Though, the stand is a dynamic one so be careful with that. This type of stand can damaged your figure quite quickly.

Then, the figure has six hands – two fist hands, two open hands and two wide open hands. There is one thing missing the ring. Indeed, in WandaVision, Vision has a wedding ring. It’s a little detail they missed.

Finally there is a backdrop ! It represents the Hex opening. The Hex part is made of plastic while behind it is made of cardboard. It cannot be bent. Thus it is why the box of the figure is so large. So it does take some space if you want to use it in your display. But, this is pretty good backdrop. And I will definitely use it for my display. It will look even better once the Scarlet Witch figure is released !


This is the first Vision figure I’ve purchased. I don’t have the Avengers Age of Ultron version. So I can’t make any comparison. I think Hot Toys has done a great job with this figure! I like how we can see the muscles on his torso, even the shoulders. The outfit uses a fabric similar to the black and gold suit of Spider-Man. So, that means you can’t leave the figure in the same action pose for long periods. I recommend displaying the figure in a neutral pose or giving it an action pose for some time, then reverting to neutral pose for some time before giving it another action pose.

The feet are separated from the boots which allow full range articulation. Which is a good thing for flight poses. On the boots, they added a piece of armor with a subtle metallic feel. While the gauntlets and the piece on the torso have a vibrant metallic feel. It’s a nice result. The cape has wires, that’s always great for posing! Because if you give your figure an action pose, the cape can also be posed and that will look better. 


The headsculpt is simply fantastic with a lot of details. If you look closely at the eyes you can see that they even painted the lenses. It’s beautiful work! You can clearly recognize Paul Bettany there. The silver paint is more matt than shiny which is how it should be.



This is an excellent figure with a fantastic headsculpt. It doesn’t come with many accessories. Though, it includes a pretty good backdrop to use for your display!

The Hot Toys Vision is distributed by Sideshow Collectibles in Europe and the United States! 


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