September 22, 2023
Hot Toys announces new Star Wars and Marvel figures!

As the Hot Toys Summer Showcase is about to start, new figures have been announced! The long awaited figure of the Amazing Spider-Man is finally coming along with a specially designed Lizard base. But that’s not all, Obi-Wan Kenobi gets his figure from his series. And Hot Toys is diving back into the X-Men movies with Wolverine from Days of Future Past! Wolverine will have a deluxe version that comes with a brand new display base.

Moreover, both Obi-Wan and Wolverine will have a special edition version that comes with an additional accessory. Be careful, these are limited editions, so if you want these additional accessories, you will need to pre-order very soon.


“You know what it is I love about being Spider-Man? Everything!”
Reprised his version of Spider-Man in the latest Spider-Man movie, Andrew Garfield’s surprise appearance has not only provided audience a big thrill but also driven incredible fan reactions in the epic Spider-Mans meet up during screenings!
Today, Hot Toys is bringing fans the hotly-anticipated 1/6th scale figure of The Amazing Spider-Man based on The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
Skillfully crafted based on Spider-Man/ Peter Parker’s screen appearance portrayed by Andrew Garfield in the movie, the figure features a Peter Parker head sculpt with stunning likeness, a masked head sculpt; a beautiful recreation of Spider-Man’s red and blue Classic Suit with black web impressions; highly-poseable body for his extreme acrobatic ability; accessories including spider-man mask, and assorted spider-web shooting effect parts.
The Amazing Spider-Man figure is a must have among your wall-crawler display!

Doctor Strange has accidentally casts a spell that opened up portals to multiverse in Spider-Man: No Way Home, sending both famous villains and generations of Spider-Man from the early Spider-Man movies to this universe!
To enhance your Spider-Man: No Way Home collection displays, Hot Toys is introducing a highly-elaborated 1/6th scale Lizard Diorama Diorama Base depicting the present of the Spider-Man’s foe. Themed base shows Lizard holding a dynamic pose in a battleground with intricate painting applications on its sculpted body, surrounded by Electro’s yellow lightning strikes effects; coming with a curing serum as accessory. Measures approximately 27cm H x 33cm L x 23cm D.
Pick up the special Lizard Diorama Base for your amazing Spidey display!

In a future world torn apart by hatred of all mutants, Wolverine is one of the few remaining X-Men able to continue the fight against Sentinels – the highly efficient killing mutant machines. Now older and wiser, Wolverine volunteers to go back in time and rally the X-Men of the past to restore the world to its rightful path.
Hot Toys is thrilled to revisit the highly-acclaimed X-Men: Days of Future Past movie by presenting a Deluxe Version of Wolverine outfitted in 1973 fashion as the latest 1/6th scale collectible figure, comes with a remarkable diorama base to compliment the display.
The movie-accurate collectible figure is beautifully crafted based on the appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the movie. It features a newly developed head sculpt and hair sculpture with impressive likeness, carefully tailored costume with a genuine leather jacket to complete his striking look, interchangeable hands with bone claws and a pair of seamless forearms and clawed hands for Wolverine’s alternate styling.
The Deluxe Version includes a greatly detail diorama figure base that replicates the peculiar terrain of combat.
A Special Edition available in selected markets includes a Sentinel forearm machine gun.
This Wolverine figure will be a unique one among your collection!

“I will do what I must.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi
During the reign of the Galactic Empire, former Jedi™ Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, embarked on a crucial mission. The once legendary Jedi must confront Darth VaderTM and face the wrath of the Empire…
After witnessing the climatic finale of the Obi-Wan Kenobi live action series, Hot Toys is thrilled to officially introduce the new 1/6th scale Obi-Wan Kenobi collectible figure from the DX series!
The collectible figure is meticulously crafted with a newly developed head sculpt with rolling eyeball function allowing positionable eyeline, finely tailored Jedi outfit, LED light-up lightsaber, an interchangeable lightsaber blade emulating the weapon in motion, a blaster pistol, a LO-LA59 droid, binoculars, holoprojector, a Bail Organa hologram miniature, and a rocky diorama base on which to recreate Obi-Wan’s showdown with Darth Vader!
A Special Edition available in selected markets will include Anakin’s lightsaber hilt and a box as bonus item exclusively for collectors.
This is an astonishing collectible figure that can’t be missed out in any Star Wars collection!

SOURCE: Hot Toys

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