January 30, 2023

Phantom of the Idol delivers its funniest episode yet as we witness a crazy fan meeting.

It is time for another episode of Phantom of the Idol. So what happens this week?


This episode mostly focuses on the group of super fans while also introducing other fans. They all gather for the Fall fan meeting of ZINGS. It’s a common type of events for Idols. During these events, the fans can meet and interact with the Idols while also connecting with other fans. For the ZINGS fan meeting, everyone can participate in the Jan Ken tournament. Jan Ken is the famous hand game Rock-paper-scissors. The reward for the winner is an exclusive bromide.

Obviously, this tournament leads to a lot of funny moments. In fact, the episode opens with Kasenjiki climbing a mountain as part of her training to win the tournament. Yes, this is that type of craziness that we witness during this episode. When the game is presented, it feels like it’s an actual war taking place. This is without any doubt the funniest episode yet. I love it so much! In the middle of that, we meet a new fan. At first, she does not seem like the super fans who go bananas. She is the shy type but as she is next to them, she quickly takes this tournament seriously and does just like them. I honestly couldn’t stop laughing during that whole fan meeting sequence.

Though, this time the tournament has a big surprise. The reward is not only a bromide but the opportunity to take a picture with Niyodo and Yoshino. So, the craziness is one step further.


Moreover, like his fans Niyodo is determined to win. Indeed, he takes this tournament as a training to be better at Jan Ken, which would give him the high ground on Asahi. Meaning that if he wins against Asahi, she would have to do all the concerts, training by herself. After all, Niyodo is the king of lazy.

Poor Yoshino is totally overwhelmed by the whole debacle. Add to that Asahi taking the control of Niyodo’s body to spread more panic among the fans and things are going out of hand. When Asahi controls Niyodo she is always more dynamic and likeable. Thus, it always creates shock among the fans. And this time, the shock is even bigger as Asahi suggests Niyodo and Yoshino may have feelings for each other. Yoshino’s reaction only helps the fans thinking it may be true. It’s hilarious how Asahi always tries to get things under control and she does but at the same time, she also wreaks havoc among the fandom.


This episode features a long scene between the usual group of super fans at the bar. It is really the witty dialogs that make these scenes priceless. Furthermore, being a fan something also makes me identify to these characters. Though, they are not necessarily important to the plot, they add to the humorous tone of the series. That being said, the scene at the bar does tease something for next week’s episode. ZINGS is going to take part in a big event. And it does seem like it’s the first time it happens. This is going to be exciting for both the fans and the Idols themselves.


After last week’s special end credits, this episode is back with the usual end credits. However, the post credits scene is not like in episode 1 and 2 featuring the super fans at the bar. Though, considering the episode features a long scene at the bar I can understand why they chose something different for this episode. Instead, we see a new hooded character, who does seem to know Niyodo. But who is it?


Phantom of the Idol delivers its funniest episode yet as we witness a crazy fan meeting.

Phantom of the Idol is now streaming on ADN and HIDIVE.


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