September 26, 2023

Hot Toys is announcing its second wave of figures at their Summer Showcase.

Hot Toys surprised fans with the long awaited Amazing Spider-Man figure and a Wolverine figure with their first wave of figures for their Summer Showcase. Yesterday, they announced their first figure from the second wave – Darth Vader from the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. And today, they have unveiled the other figures from this wave. Just like the first wave, these new figures are on display at their Showcase in Hong Kong.

Apart from Darth Vader, this second wave includes Mighty Thor from Thor Love and Thunder, Robocop from Robocop 3 and an updated version of Iron Man Mark III from Iron Man! Plus, the figure everyone was waiting for has finally been announced – the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. The three Spider-Man have all been announced now! Just like the Amazing Spider-Man, you can get an awesome diorama base for this one. Since for the latter it was a Lizard base, for Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, it is a Sandman base. The base is not sold separately. It is part of the deluxe version.

“My back it’s kind of got stiff from all the swinging I guess.”
Spider-Man: No Way Home delighted Marvel fans by bringing together the fan-beloved Peter Parkers from different universe, including Tobey Maguire’s Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, to face several of the deadliest villains.
Received tremendous attention on his debut at Hot Toys Summer Showcase earlier, we are now proud to introduce the Deluxe Version of 1/6th scale Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Collectible Figure with a highly-elaborated diorama figure base depicting the present of Sandman.
Faithfully crafted based on the appearance of Tobey Maguire as Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man/ Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the movie-accurate figure features a newly developed head sculpt with amazing likeness, a masked head sculpt; highly-poseable body with great range of articulation; beautiful recreation of Spider-Man’s red and blue suit with raised silver webbing patterns; highly-detailed accessories including Sandman’s cure, spider-man mask, and assorted spider-web shooting effect parts.
This Deluxe Version offers a themed diorama figure base which perfectly captured Sandman’s expression with fine texture surrounded by crumbling structures, with striped warning sign accessories to be another highlight fans won’t want to miss!
A Special Edition available in selected markets will include a Doc Ock’s tentacle as bonus item exclusively to enhance your battling display.
Be sure to add the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man figure to your web-slinging collection!
“I’ll fight it my way.” – Might Thor
When the mystic hammer Mjolnir calls to Dr. Jane Foster, she finds that she can’t resist the pull of destiny. Making her official debut in MCU as Mighty Thor, Jane’s life is forever changed when she mysteriously comes to possess the reforged Mjolnir. Today, Hot Toys is thrilled to introduce Mighty Thor as our next 1/6th scale collectible figure inspired by Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder .
The highly-detailed collectible figure is beautifully crafted based on the appearance of Natalie Portman’s as Mighty Thor in the movie, features a helmeted head sculpt, a newly developed head sculpt with blonde wavy hair sculpture, a newly designed body with seamless arms, finely tailored body armor in metallic silver and red with a fabric cape, sculpted accessories include a damaged Mjolnir with LED light-up function, a Mjolnir handle with lightning effect, and a figure stand.
A Special Edition available in selected markets will include an interchangeable helmet beautifully applied with battle damage effects as bonus item exclusively for collectors.
This Mighty Thor collectible figure will be an incredible addition to your heroic display!
Tony Stark’s Iron Man is always one of the most charismatic and iconic hero of the Marvel universe and his genius is evident in the Mark III armor that was seen in Marvel Studios’ Iron Man.
Engineered with great attention to detail, Hot Toys is proud to present the movie-accurate 1/6th scale Iron Man Mark III (2.0) diecast collectible figure demonstrates the exquisite design and armor pieces crafted by Tony in the first Iron Man movie, with a detailed Iron Monger themed diorama base.
The diecast Iron Man Mark III figure measures 32.5cm tall is meticulously crafted based on the image of Robert Downey Jr. as Mark III in the movie, features a Tony Stark head sculpt with amazing likeness, an interchangeable helmet head with LED light up function on eyes, an additional mask with battle damage effects, faithful recreation of the high-tech armor with bendable waist for wider range of movements, distressed effects applied on the matte red and gold armor, several interchangeable armor parts sculpted with battled damaged effects, also forearm armors simulating missile firing mode and protection shield mode. The figure also comes with diorama figure base depicting the battle of Iron Man and Iron Monger.
A Special Edition available in selected markets will include a Mark III helmet with battle damage effect as bonus item exclusively for collectors.
Iron Man fans should not pass up on this opportunity to add this into your collection!
“My friends call me Murphy. You can call me…RoboCop.” – Robocop
RoboCop is assigned to clean out the less desirable neighborhoods of Detroit by harassing the local residents and must decide if his loyalties side with his developer the Omni Consumer Products or helping the citizens of the city he is sworn to protect.
Celebrating nearly 30 years impact of RoboCop 3, Hot Toys is excited to revisit the truly iconic character – Robocop in 1/6th scale diecast collectible figure based on this classic Sci-fi movie first released in 1993.
The movie-accurate RoboCop figure made in diecast material features a helmeted head with interchangeable lower part of faces capturing different expressions; intricate sections of armor such as hidden thigh pistol holster; specially applied iridescent colored painting in purplish blue scheme; a number of greatly-detailed weapons and accessories including diecast pistol, pistol, multipurpose cannon with missile and blast effect, flight pack, interchangeable hands and figure base.
Save the day with the Robocop figure today!

SOURCE: Hot Toys

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