January 30, 2023

“Phantom of the Idol delivers another entertaining episode and teases exciting things to come.”

It is time for our weekly anime review of the week with the fifth episode of Phantom of the Idol.


As teased last week, ZINGS is taking part in the concert featuring men Idol groups. This is Niyodo and Yoshino’s biggest concert yet. It is the perfect opportunity to promote their group and make people aware of who they are. Because, their next concert is on a large stage on their own so they do need bring a lot of new fans to fill it up. Yoshino does not have a lot screen time this week but the few scenes he has with Niyodo gives us more of their usual fun dynamic.

Despite being a bigger stage, this new concert scene is still not good. It was the same song than in the first episode so the characters moved exactly in the same way. The animation is clear not at the level of what the story is trying to tell. I never expected this series to have the same level of animation as Heroines Run The Show. Though, when you make a series about Idols, you do need a certain budget for concert scenes. It’s disappointing because the rest of the series has good animation and the story is so entertaining.


The super fans of ZINGS are back to support their favorite idol group for this event. Just like Niyodo and Yoshino, they do realize ZINGS is not that popular yet. There is an hilarious conversation between these fans and a fan of CGrass that really highlight the difference of popularity. So, the super fans have to promote ZINGS on their own. I love how dedicated these fans are. They are just like us. It is quite original to also show the fans perspective in a series about Idols.


During the concert, we meet the most popular Idol group of the series – CGrass. Although, most of their members seem nice, their leader is a bit peculiar. Setouchi is actually the mysterious person from last week’s end credits. He has a weird obsession over Asahi and he seems to know there is some kind of connection between her and Niyodo.

How does he know? Why is he so obsessed with Asahi? What does he intend to do if Niyodo tells him the truth? Is he going to reveal everything to the world? This leaves us with a lot of questions. Which makes me even more excited for the upcoming episodes! And just like last week, the post credits scene is once again featuring Setouchi and also Niyodo.


As we move forward in the series, Asahi and Niyodo’s relationship evolves. It is not longer a one way relationship in which Asahi helps Niyodo become a better Idol. Indeed, it has become a two way relationship. Because Niyodo also supports Asahi. Even if she is a ghost, she still has feelings. So when she is down, he tries to lift her spirits. The two share a sweet and poignant scene in this episode.


Just like in episode 3, we get a different end credits. This time, it’s Sweet Pharmacy singing the song. They are also featured in Chibi style with Asahi supporting them. It is a nice change the usual. Plus, we do get to hear a song from Sweet Pharmacy. The episode starts with them and ends with them. So the circle is complete.


Phantom of the Idol delivers another entertaining episode and teases exciting things to come.

Phantom of the Idol is now streaming on ADN and HIDIVE.


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