January 27, 2023
Comic Review | Star Wars: Hidden Empire #2

Max joins Qi’ra for a showdown with Darth Sidious and the activation of the Fermata Cage in Marvel’s Star Wars: Hidden Empire #2

Star Wars: Hidden Empire is a comic mini-series taking place between the events of Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. It is concurrent with the other titles Marvel is producing and teasing what will be quite an epic precursor to Return of the Jedi (retroactively of course).

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #2


Lady Qi’ra of Crimson Dawn has decided to wage war on Palpatine and the Sith to free the galaxy of their evil. To accomplish this goal, she seeks to open a legendary dark side device called the Fermata Cage that houses an ancient Sith Lord in stasis. She figures if you can’t beat them, let them rip each other apart. Palpatine is experiencing fear for perhaps the first time in decades, as Qi’ra hopes this renegade Sith will destroy Palpatine and Vader. I so admire Qi’ra as a leader.

The Star Wars character with the most balls doesn’t even have any. The last non-Force-sensitive to nearly outfox Palpatine was a general named Gentis and he was male. The fact that we have a strong female taking on Palpatine is quite wonderful.

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #2


Qi’ra is risking everything to save the galaxy and this comic shows she has assembled a mini-fleet to help with the Cage. Unfortunately, activating it unleashes a massive amount of Force energy. And Palpatine uses it as a homing beacon in which to find out its location. He sicks his lap dog, Vader, on the Archivist and we get quite a titillating cliffhanger.

Yet the biggest question on my mind is. Which Sith is in the Fermata Cage and will they prove enough of a challenge for Vader and the Emperor? Is it a familiar face from Legends lore or someone entirely new and created for this story? The latter seems to be the consensus on the Reddit poll I created. We probably won’t know until at least the next issue and the suspense is quite exhilarating.

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #2


I haven’t been on the edge of my seat this much since the final months before The Force Awakens. Let’s hope the final confrontation with Vader/Palpatine and this unknown Sith is enough to rock the history holos. At least a little. That’s all I ask. Don’t disappoint Charles Soule!

Star Wars: Hidden Empire #2 is published by Marvel Comics and is available to buy now.


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