February 4, 2023
Comic Review | The Riddler: Year One #1

Delve into the history of Gotham’s newest super-villain in DC’s prequel to The Batman written by Paul Dano himself. It’s time to explore The Riddler: Year One #1

Earlier this year, after the release of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, it was announced that a new comic book series based on the Riddler was in the works. It was to be written by Paul Dano, the actor that played The Riddler in the film. Being one of my favorite Batman villains, I was certainly intrigued by the idea of a year-one-type story based on the Riddler. I enjoyed the take that Matt Reeves took on the character in the movie. And I also really liked Paul Dano’s portrayal of the iconic character.


Actor and writer Paul Dano understands the Riddler’s every motivation… As depicted in Matt Reeves’s hit movie The Batman, the Riddler wasn’t simply an amusing eccentric with an affinity for wordplay and baffling clues, but as terrifying a villain as any in the annals of the Dark Knight. Here you can see Edward Nashton evolve into the menace known as the Riddler. How did an unknown forensic accountant uncover the dark secrets of Gotham’s underworld and come so close to bringing down the entire city? This six-issue miniseries is an immediate prequel to The Batman-the detailed, disturbing, and at times shocking story of a man with nothing to lose. Artist Stevan Subic makes his American comics debut, collaborating with Dano to deliver a shadowy and gritty tale of a society’s forgotten man who refuses to go unnoticed any longer. Subic’s recent Conan the Cimmerian for French publisher Glénat has brought him great acclaim in Europe, and he’s about to break out globally with a Batman series unlike any you’ve seen before.

DC Comics The Riddler Year One #1 Cover


The first issue finally came to us and I can’t say enough how pleased I am with the story. It tells the story of how the titular character went from forensic accountant Edward Nashton to supervillain. Dano explores the mind of Edward and often portrays him as a misunderstood and underappreciated genius. I loved how the story included Batman himself but never took the focus off Edward. I especially liked how the story ties in Edward’s fascination with Batman and how that got started.


Dano’s writing is brilliant. The way he writes it you can almost hear the actor narrating as he peers into the mind of the puzzle-infatuated future nemesis of Batman. It is apparent to me that Dano spent some time pondering what makes the character tick and what will eventually lead him to become the man that we see in the film. The artwork complements the story incredibly well. The Paul Dano/Stevan Subic team-up in this series is a match made in heaven. A visually exquisite masterpiece so far.


We have five more issues to go in this series and I am hungry for them all! If you are a fan of The Batman, you absolutely cannot go without reading this series!

The Riddler: Year One #1 is published by DC Comics and is available to buy now!


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