January 27, 2023

Play It Cool, Guys continues to make us laugh with these cute but clumsy characters that we love so much. It is a fun and refreshing slice of life, we can’t get enough of.”

The previous episodes finally brought the four main characters together after spending some time introducing each one. We are reaching the end of the first cour with the second one starting on January 9. So now, where is the series heading to?


The following three episodes focus on one character at a time. Episode 9 and 10 also have another character appearing in a secondary role. But we don’t have duos from episode 5 and 6. It is so easy for this series to juggle with the story structure and change things every couple of episodes. This way it keeps the series fresh. Sometimes we see only one character, other times it’s a duo or it’s everyone. And here episode 9 and 10 give us something in between. While episode 11 just focuses on a one character without anyone else. Finally, episode 12 features everyone with a focus on one character too. Since, it is a slice of life the story can go on as long as the writers have ideas. It has the potential to go beyond the story told in the manga. There can always be something to tell with these characters.


Obviously, now that the main characters all know each other, their interactions are different but they aren’t any less awkward. Soma and Takayuki talk at cross-purposes is simply hilarious. They meet by chance at a store and Soma thinks Takayuki is a sales assistant while Takayuki doesn’t remember who is Soma. How not to love these clumsy guys?

Episode 9 focuses on Soma who tries to cook for his brother who seems too tired. Using salt instead of sugar or packing the side without the rice, cooking isn’t without problems for our designer student.

Then, episode 10 gives us even more content with Takayuki. We spend a day off with him and his niece. Shun joins them in the park and yes, it gets awkward as well. It’s like everytime Takayuki meets someone from the main characters, at first it is weird. And I am here for it! Shun stares at him because he tries to remember what he was supposed to tell him while Takayuki thinks Shun is actually a riffraff and that they’re going to get attacked. This is the level of awkwardness we love. Hayate also makes a small cameo at the end. I just need more of him and Takayuki together, they are my favorite duo!


Moreover, episode 11 solely focuses on Hayate. I can’t say no to this. Indeed, he is such an adorable character. And, this episode is a lot of fun. We follow him as he is invited to a group date with his classmates. As expected, it turns out to be awkward when one of the girls tries to flirt with him. But, honestly as the audience we are happy it was failure. He actually has a better chemistry with Takayuki. Hayate’s clumsiness and the way he handles it is what makes him so sweet. He is always so embarrassed.

Finally, episode 12 focuses on Shun and his handball match. But more importantly, this episode gives me exactly what I want – more of Hayate and Takayuki. I could watch entire episodes with just them. Furthermore, we get to see all the characters which seems fitting for the end of a first cour. Plus, we get our first glimpse at Motoharu, the new character who will be joining our group of handsome but clumsy guys in the second cour. With only just one scene, he’s already quite likeable!


Play It Cool, Guys continues to make us laugh with these cute but clumsy characters that we love so much. It is a fun and refreshing slice of life, we can’t get enough of. It is definitely a pleasant end to the first cour of this series.

Play It Cool, Guys is now streaming on Crunchyroll.


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