“This week’s episode of Trigun Stampede dives into Vash’s past. It is a touching exploration of a complex hero.”

Last week episode of Trigun Stampede was an intense one and it ended on a big reveal. Indeed, we learned that Vash was a reactor. After revealing Wolfwood’s origins, this week the series focuses on the title character and who he really is.


The whole episode is a flashback telling us the story of Vash. It opens with a scene happening before the crash of the ship. This shows us a happy time between Vash, Knives and Rem. They really were a family. But if you pay attention, there are subtle hints at Knives being different. It is foreshadowing. And right away it stops hiding the fact the two brothers are reactors. Now that the previous episode revealed it, the series can explore that part of the characters’ story. This opening scene acts as a contrast with the rest of the episode. Indeed, what happens after is a different tone. We go from a cheerful Vash to a broken one.


Obviously, the betrayal of his brother is not something that Vash takes well. Even though Knives is responsible for the crash, Vash unwillingly helped him. And he carries that guilt with him. On top of that, unlike other reactors he thinks he cannot do anything. In fact, he is closer to a human in terms of what he can do. It is an addition of things that destroys his morale.

Right from the start of the series, you understand that Vash is a complex character. And this episode is peeling off some important layers. You see someone who is deeply hurt with wounds that can never truly heal. The fact that at that time he was just a kid and he had to go through all that creates even more sympathy towards him.


Moreover, Vash encounters the survivors of the third ship. Like we have seen in the previous episode, he is able to communicate with the plant reactors and he can soothe them. This is what allows him to earn their trust. Helping the reactors gives him a purpose and having a new family lifts his spirits. We see him evolve and grow. The episode also reveals how he got his famous red jacket. It is not just a piece of clothing he happens to wear because that’s all he had, this one has a meaning.

However, Vash can only run from his past for so long. Indeed, the end of episode shows him going to confront his brother. Which, we can guess is how he is going to loose his arm. Like I have said above, he has wounds he can never truly heal. It is the same guilt he still carries in the present timeline. So, the only way it can end is for him to stop Knives. In a way, it is cyclical. He tried to stop him in the past, he failed and he is trying to stop him now but he is not doing well either.


This week’s episode of Trigun Stampede dives into Vash’s past. It is a touching exploration of a complex hero.

Trigun Stampede is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.


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