The brand new WOW original docu-series, Click Boys, explores the real-life triumphs and struggles of today’s LGBTQ+ Onlyfans content creators from Monday, February 27th.

A brand new Original documentary series is coming to WOW Presents Plus next week, with Click Boys arriving on the platform from Monday 27th February at 9 pm GMT.


This intimate and revealing 5-part docu-series follows LGBTQIA adult content creators who make their income through the internet subscription service OnlyFans. We peek behind the curtain to show the real-life triumphs and struggles of our Click Boys as they make a healthy living on OnlyFans. For the first time, these creators share details about their personal lives, what influenced their decision to do OnlyFans, and how it has affected their lives behind the scenes. Discussing important topics like queer and cultural identity, body positivity, the business of sex work, and sexual freedom, these boys reveal all – in more ways than one.


Matthew Camp: 

This former go-go dancer talks empowerment through sexual liberation and chronicles his day-to-day life as a super successful business-oriented erotic model.

Brock Banks:

This proud Puerto Rican and self-described ‘short king’ discusses sexual liberation, family life friction, and the joys of moonlighting as a drag queen.

Lance Charger: 

This silver stud “daddy” talks about his rise to fame during lockdown, overcoming body dysmorphia, and finding harmony between corporate life and adult content creation.

Noah Way:

This trans-OnlyFans star shares his thoughts regarding stigma around sex, body positivity as a transgender man, and channeling creativity through art and sex.

Ty Mitchell:

This erotic artist and intellectual reflects on the sacred balance between drag and sexuality and the transient nature of working in an online industry that could be gone tomorrow.

The first episode features Matthew Camp. The episode drops on Monday, 27th February at 9 PM. The following episodes will drop every week at 9 PM on Monday Evenings.


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Click Boys drops on WOW Presents Plus weekly from Monday 27th February at 9pm. Subscribe via

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