Play it Cool, Guys continues to deliver fun and sweet episodes. We learn more about Motoharu as he integrates our endearing team of characters.”

Play it Cool, Guys is currently airing its second cour. We have already reviewed the first four episodes. And now, four weeks have passed so it is time for another review.


Episode 17 actually picks up right after episode 16 with Motoharu and his shoehorn. Right away, it sets the awkward and fun mood as Motoharu encounters a seemingly foreigner so he talks to her in English but it turns out she is Japanese. The story focuses on our new member and Takayuki. In fact, most of the episode is a flashback. We witness their first encounter at school. They have a beautiful relationship. Indeed, Takayuki is the one to open Motoharu’s horizons and push him to write his first novel. This episode is incredibly sweet.

Then, episode 18 keeps the focus on Takayuki and Motoharu with appearances from the three other leads – Hayate, Shun and Soma. It actually features everyone and has them all interacting together. Which is really nice to see. Takayuki is having trouble finding the right ad for his friend’s film and encountering him and the others is what helps him finding what he was looking for. This episode marks the first time Takayuki acknowledges in front of Motoharu that he remembers him. This marks a turning point in their relationship.

Moreover, when you pay attention to the film’s story, it is pretty much the story about these guys – a cute but clumsy person. It is actually quite funny because the episode is about a cute but clumsy guy trying to find the right ad for a film about a cute but clumsy guy. And this episode has plenty of Takayuki fun moments. My favorite has to be when he is complaining about his computer’s mouse not working while he is in fact using a box of mints. How silly is this!


Episode 19 focuses on Soma with his new found trio that includes Shun and Hayate. The previous episodes often featured Soma and Shun as a duo. But Hayate forming a trio with them is new. In fact, we got a glimpse of it in episode 18. It is a team that works, they have a nice dynamic. On top of that, Motoharu is joining them. Hayate has a perfect fanboy moment with him. And by the end of this episode, I would say that Motoharu is fully part of our main team of characters as he is now friends with everyone.

Looking back at episode 17,18 and 19, they do form their own little arc about Motoharu and the release of his film. It is actually a satisfying storytelling. Furthermore, it has allowed this new character to integrate the team in a flowing way.


Finally, episode 20 focuses once again on Takayuki. He has a new work assignement – working on the promotional campaign of an horror game. However, he is neither good at games nor does he like horror. The first part of the episode is actually quite funny. There is an anxious-like atmosphere to show us that the game has spooked Takayuki.

Obviously, he spends the rest of the episode trying not to be alone at night. He acts a bit like a child but this is exactly what makes this character so adorable. First, he tries to stay with Soma and his brother. And then, he goes to see the one person who always soothes him – Hayate. Shun also appears in the episode. The sequence with Hayate and Takayuki has visuals reminiscent of BL works like in Sasaki and Miyano. Undoubtedly, there is a desire from the writing team to have these two characters be more than just friends.


Play it Cool, Guys continues to deliver fun and sweet episodes. We learn more about Motoharu as he integrates our endearing team of characters.

Play It Cool, Guys is now streaming on Crunchyroll.


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