Play It Cool, Guys continues to be a fun and sweet slice of life with endearing characters. Plus, Motoharu is a nice addition to the cast of clumsy guys.”

After a satisfying first cour Play it Cool, Guys is coming back for a consecutive second cour. Episode 12 ended with the introduction of a new character – Motoharu, who is now joining our cast of clumsy characters.


We start this second cour with an episode featuring the new character – Motoharu along with my favorite Takayuki. Motoharu is a famous writer who is like the other characters handsome but clumsy in his own way. And Takayuki is a fan of his work. The two end up meeting for work as Takayuki is working on the promotional campaign of his film. Obviously, this encounter is quite fun as you might expect.

In fact, the two know each other and were friends when they were kids. However, Takayuki doesn’t realize that Motoharu is his childhood friend. This is so embarassing. Motoharu says a lot of things that only someone who knew him would know. Nevertheless, Takayuki is the only one in the room not to get it. He is so slow to realize things.

This series never misses with the laughs. My favorite scene in episode 13 has to be when Takayuki reads a book and ends up reading a line twice before realizing what he just did. I do think this has happened to all of us before. This is so relatable.


Episode 14 and 15 are about Shun. With the first one also being a duo episode with Soma. These two have a great dynamic. It is always so much fun to see their interactions. And in this episode more than the others, there is an important BL vibe to their scenes. It actually reminded me of Sasaki and Miyano. This episode also makes it clear that the four characters have become great friends. They are even planning to do something together during Summer!

Even though episode 15 is all about Shun, the three other characters do make a cameo as he requests their help. Shun receives a love letter from a girl but he doesn’t know how to decline it. And this episode is all about him trying to find the right way to say no. It is a fun episode with a lot of cute moments.


Finally, episode 16 focuses on Hayate and his lost umbrella. It also features Soma, Takayuki and Motoharu. That many characters mean a lot of laughs. Undoubtedly, more scenes between Takayuki and Hayate is always something great as they are my favorite duo. Hayate is so in awe in front of Takayuki. Their interactions are so precious, they have a lot in common.

Furthermore, Hayate and Soma is a friendship that works. But beyond the clumsiness of the characters and the laughs, this episode is also heartfelt. I love the moment when Takayuki sees the two being good friends which triggers in him memories his relationship with Motoharu. There is definitely more to explore with Takayuki and Motoharu.


Moreover, a new cour means new opening and end credits. The opening theme is ‘Warau na!’ by Syudou while PICG returns for the end theme with ‘Taisetsu.’ Like the first cour, both credits capture the fun atmosphere of the series and its slice of life style. Obviously, Motoharu has been added to the team in these new credits.

If I had to compare credits from both cours. I would say the opening credits were better in the first cour. Nevertheless, these new credits are still great and the opening is definitely a catchy song. However, I do prefer the end credits of the second cour. Indeed, they feature more prominently the characters rather than the bear plushes.


Play It Cool, Guys continues to be a fun and sweet slice of life with endearing characters. Plus, Motoharu is a nice addition to the cast of clumsy guys. There is definitely more to explore with this one. This is a successful start to the second cour.

Play It Cool, Guys is now streaming on Crunchyroll.


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