Trigun Stampede delivers an epic and explosive season finale with striking visuals.”

The anime Winter season is coming to an end and so Trigun Stampede has reach the end of its run. Today, it is time for the season finale.


Since it is a season finale, there is no time to waste so you don’t have the usual opening credits. The episode starts the way the season began – with a flashback featuring the twins and Rem. This is a scene full of hope as Rem reveals that she thinks the twins are the bridge between the human race and the plants. It shows that Million Knives is wrong, it’s not about one or the other, the two races can co-exist.

The first half of the episode is about bringing Vash back after the doom and gloom from last week. Without, everything is lost. Indeed, Million Knives has entered the higher dimension and is about to transform all the plants into independents. However, there is one character who never gives up – Meryl Stryfe. Since the beginning, she has always showed strength and with Roberto dead, she knows that if she doesn’t bring back Vash it would have all been for nothing. Meryl doesn’t have superpowers but it doesn’t mean she is useless. On the contrary, she is quite useful, it’s with her voice that she is able to wake Vash up.

The scene when Vash remembers is incredibly powerful. The visual of the roses returns, it symbolizes his memories but also his love for humanity. Moreover, his rebirth couldn’t be without a new design. He sports his classic haircut and in this animation style, it looks glorious!


The confrontation we were all waiting for is here – Vash versus Million Knives. And it does not disappoint. It is an epic fight that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Vash is finally powerful enough to face his brother and stand against him in a proper confrontation. It is a good thing because Million Knives doesn’t hold back. We see a different side of him. He gets really desperate, you feel it in his voice and how he fights. Indeed, he was so close to succeed, he can’t accept defeat. The camera work during the whole fight is absolutely impressive. It really builds the tension and shows the epicness of it all. No one can interfere, it is a battle of gods. Undoubtedly, the freefall sequences are the most breathtaking parts of the fight. I was simply in awe watching this on my television.


This may be the season finale but this is not the end of the series. In fact, a final phase sequel has been announced! And the end of the episode opens the door for what comes next. Two years after the devastating fight between Vash and Knives, we find Meryl who is now a journalist and is about to have a new working partner. The scene is quite moving, we can see she hasn’t forgotten her mentor Roberto. But the most exciting thing is the mysterious Eriks. For the fans who have read the mango or watched the 90s series, this character is in fact Vash. It is going to be exciting to see this other version of the character in the sequel as a new threat is coming.


Trigun Stampede delivers an epic and explosive season finale with striking visuals.

Trigun Stampede is now streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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