September 21, 2023
Pre-Production Begins on James Gunn's Superman: Legacy

James Gunn’s universe-rebooting Superman: Legacy officially enters production with costumes, production design, and more already developed!

It’s been a minute since we caught up with James Gunn and his DC Universe rebooting blockbuster Superman: Legacy. Although the visionary director has been quick off the mark to debunk rumors and fan theories, we haven’t exactly had a steady flow of information about his Man of Steel reboot. Yes, we’ve had confirmation that he is writing and directing the tentpole movie. But aside from that, information about the movie has been thin on the ground. Until today.

Now with his duties on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 almost complete, Gunn is officially turning his full attention to DC. And his first port of call was Twitter. Minutes ago, to commemorate Superman Anniversary Day, Gunn announced that pre-production on Superman: Legacy was officially underway. Moreover, he confirmed that costumes, production design, and more are now up and running.


With its July 11th, 2025 release date already set in stone, James Gunn will now begin the search for his new Superman. While many fans are still perplexed with the studios’ handling of the Henry Cavill affair, Gunn has a clean slate and will be looking to cast a Man of Steel capable of leading the franchise for the next decade. And the actor willing to carry the burden will not only need to be young enough to maintain the role but he’ll also need a level of maturity to carry the franchise on his broad shoulders.

After all, it’ll be a few years before the DCU’s new Dynamic Duo arrives to offer their support in The Brave and the Bold. Meaning our new Man of Steel will be the poster boy for all things DC, whether the reaction is good or bad. And given the bitter rhetoric permeating the channels on social media, this Superman will have a mountain to climb.

DC Studios’ co-chairman Peter Safran has teased that Gunn’s movie will focus on  “Superman balancing his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing. Superman represents truth, justice, and the American way. He is kindness in a world that thinks of kindness as old fashioned.”

From Batman to Superman, via Creature Commandos and Booster Gold, James Gunn has unveiled the future of DC Studios


How this soft reboot affects the current crop of DC heroes remains to be seen. Although Shazam! Fury of the Gods was an enjoyable affair, some fans boycotted the sequel and decided not to support the Studio in the wake of the Cavill fiasco. And the result was a disastrous return at the box office. The next movie to run the gauntlet is Andy Muschietti’s The Flash which races into the Speed-Force in June. Then, Blue Beetle hits our screens in August before the highly anticipated Aquaman sequel closes out the current slate. But their success rests upon the same cinemagoers that crippled Shazam. And that is a troublesome prospect.

But until then, we can all look forward to an action-packed year of DC movies alongside the very best the franchise has to offer. It may be the end of the road for some, but the characters are bigger than any actor, studio, or CEO. The Dark Knight will live on. The Man of Steel will fly again, and the Speed Force will have a champion. Let’s just hope James Gunn is up to the challenge. Good luck Mr. Gunn, the world is watching!

Superman: Legacy swoops into cinemas on July 11th, 2025.

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