September 21, 2023

Hot Toys unveils new figures from The Flash at their special exhibition in Hong Kong!

To celerate the release of The Flash next week, Hot Toys is hosting a special exhibion about the movie in Hong Kong. The event starts on June 9 and will end July 9. Today, they have unveiled a preview of what collectors and fans will be able to see at the exhibition. We got our first look at two upcoming figures – the Flash in his brand new costume and Dark Flash. You can expect an announcement soon for the scarlet speedster.

Other Batsuits from the movie are on display too. As usual, Hot Toys showcases a lot of prototypes during exhibitions but not everything gets released, so keep this in mind.

Moreover, recently announced figures are also on display along with previously released figures from DC and other Warner Bros movies to celebrate the 100th of the famous movie studio.

Hot Toys is hosting a series of event this summer to showcase incredible creations and masterpieces inspired by Warner Bros. productions to celebrate its 100th anniversary. First to catch up on The Flash – DC speedster’s upcoming adventure on the big-screen, Hot Toys is treating fans to a large scale exhibition in Hong Kong to see the exciting line-ups from this widely-anticipated blockbuster. Includes The Flash landing as hyper-realistic statue, a series of firstly-shown figures, adorable Cosbaby & Cosbi, stylish movie merchandise and more.
Run at the speed of light to meet The Flash! A life-sized statue of The Flash depicts him in the latest outfit is waiting to soar through the speed tunnel for the mysterious Batcave, where Michael Keaton’s Batman and 7 pieces of hyper-realistic Batsuits from different eras were recreated with astonishing likeness.
World’s first appearance of the screen-accurate creations based on The Flash in one-sixth scale from our proud Movie Masterpieces Series, features The Flash, Dark Flash, Batman and his Batcycle, and of course our recently debuted Batman (Modern Suit) in front of the Hall of Batsuits, all carefully crafted with stunning details.
Not to mention the iconic vehicles Batman appeared in previous movie productions being captured in greatly-detailed collectible form, such as the 1/12 scaled Batwing and The Bat from The Dark Knight Rises, 1/6th scaled Batmobile from Batman (1989), Batmobile from <Justice League>, Batmobile, Bat-Pod and Tumbler (Camouflage Version) from The Dark Knight Trilogy, Batmobile and Batcycle from The Batman (2022).
Celebrating Warner Bros.’s remarkable achievement, Hot Toys is taking fans back to the classics with over 40 collectible figures from the highly-acclaimed series from DC Comics’ The Dark Knight Trilogy, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Batman: Arkham Knight videogame, to Matrix, IT the great sci-fi series and action movie such as Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon and 300.
In the meanwhile, Tom and Jerry have dressed up as Batman and The Joker as Cosbaby for this special occasion and waiting to run wild! Join them at the photo zone and be part of the epic chase.
Visit the showcase to pre-order Hot Toys Exclusive 1/6th scale figures including Wonder Woman and Batman from WB100 collection to show off your fandom. Fans can also pick up the exclusive Batman Labubu and Robin Yaya [The Monsters Series by Kasing Lung] Artist Mix Figures and CosRider; The Joker (Batman Imposer Version) Cosbi; the firstly available The Flash Cosbaby & Cosbi collection, Tom and Jerry as Cosbaby recreates the chasing scene, and the lovely duo in Harry Potter House Robes, Superman, Batman and The Joker’s costumes, also a selection stylish movie merchandise.
Drop by the event and check out the astounding WB inspired collectibles today.
⚡️Exhibition Info:
Date: June 9 until July 9, 2023
Venue: 2/F Atrium & Centre Bridge, Cityplaza, 18 Tai Koo Shing Rd, Quarry Bay
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday – 12 noon to 9 pm
Sat, Sun & PH – 11 am to 9 pm

SOURCE: Hot Toys

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