September 21, 2023
Star Wars Insider Review | Tales of Enlightenment: Last Orders

Max takes a space detour to check out the final installment of the Star Wars Insider Tales of Enlightenment saga. But does the final chapter stick the landing? 

Star Wars Insider 2019 arrived on June 13, 2023, and delivered the final story in the batch of tales tying into The High Republic. The Enlightenment tales take place at the bar of the same name on the holy moon of Jedha. It is a bit sad to have to say goodbye to this little bar and its colorful characters. But it gave us a proper send-off for the series by closing the book, so to speak.

It takes place a few months after the Battle of Jedha and the bar has largely been repaired. However, the hole in the hearts of Keth Cerapath’s friends will likely take longer (if at all) to close. Pirelli and Moona loved Keth as he was a good man who worked for the Temple of the Whills on Jedha. And he always had a kind word to say for his gruff “alcoholic” bar-fly friends. Keth tragically died in the battle. And to commemorate their friend, his stool at the bar will always remain empty.

Star Wars Jedha City


Pirelli takes some comfort that Keth did die doing what he loved. Helping others. He had also dreamed of going on an adventure with a Jedi and that wish had been fulfilled, however, at a great cost. Pirelli and Moona didn’t like Jedi before the battle. But Moona has changed her tune after her life was saved by one when the bar was under attack. Anyway, Moona has procured a Jedi artifact box from a shifty dockworker known for his unscrupulous merchandise. Moona cannot open the box and is frustrated, and then suddenly another Jedi appears at the bar and warns her about the box.

It seems a little cliche but this is not any Jedi. This is Jedi Master Lee Harro and we first learned of him from a tale told by a character from an early Enlightenment story. In that story (for those who don’t remember), a hyperspace prospector named Saretha passes through and delights the bar with her story of how she met Harro and the harrowing adventure they had together. Now Harro is here to tell a tale, and since Pirelli knows Keth revered the Jedi so much.

Star Wars The High Republic


He gives up the memorial seat (just this once) for the Jedi as Keth would have done that for sure had he been alive. Harro’s story is about a Sith called Darth Caldoth. And yes the name is familiar if you read George Mann’s Myths and Fables storybook. Caldoth has his own tale in that time as Mann also pens this Insider story. For purposes of spoilers, I will not reveal the story. However, it matches up nicely with the Myths and Fables anecdote. And in the end, Harro gets the box himself and it is implied he lied to gain possession of it. At least that was my impression. Just because you are a noble Jedi, does not mean you are above any type of “manipulation.”

Star Wars High Republic Featured


All in all, this was a fun, cute story to end the series (as I said earlier). I appreciate how the characters cared so much about the young man Keth, that they set aside a chair to remember his presence. I will also miss the bar owner Kradon, who is quite amusing and a bit of a shyster. He plays a role in some of the main High Republic books and will be missed from the pages of these stories.

Overall, this story was excellent. Solid B.

Star Wars Insider 220 will arrive in August and will be taking a break from The High Republic to give us a Return of the Jedi era story. After all, 2023 commemorates the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi. Yes, 40. So, join me next time for Star Wars Insider, and be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already!






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