September 22, 2023
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The Flash composer Benjamin Wallfisch has been tasked with composing the score for the upcoming Kraven The Hunter movie

Composer Benjamin Wallfisch is prolonging his stay in the comic book genre by producing the score for Sony’s Kraven The Hunter. The composer recently delivered a masterful score for DC’s The Flash. And with the the Marvel anti-hero heading to cinema screens in October, Wallfisch is stepping up to the plate.

Wallfisch is now regarded as a veteran of the comic genre after delivering scores for The Flash, Shazam!, and Hellboy. Outside of the comic book genre he scored Universal’s The Invisible Man remake, as well as collaborating with Hans Zimmer on Blade Runner 2049. And of course, he famously composed the chilling soundtrack’s to both of Andy Muschietti’s IT movies.

Benjamin Wallfisch to Compose The Flash


Kraven the Hunter is under the dirctorial vision of J. C. Chandor and will hit cinemas on Oct. 6. Aside from starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the cast includes Ariana DeBose, Fred Hechinger, Alessandro Nivola, Christopher Abbott and Russell Crowe. The movie is based on the popular Spider-Man villain from Marvel Comics. He is renowned for the iconic 1980s storyline “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” in which he buried Spider-Man alive and assumed the identity of Spider-Man.

The first trailer for the movie was a visceral affair. And it boasted its fair share of bloodthirsty antics that wil easily earn the property an R-rating. Which is a precarious tightrope for the franchise to walk. Venom managed to haul in a decent return at the box office, but its sequel, and the recent Morbius movie didn’t reach the same heights. So Sony is banking on Kraven to right the ship and bring the franchise back on course. But is the r-rated demographic the right place for Marvel’s villlains? That remains to be seen. But either way, the hunt will begin in October and we are 100% here for it!

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Thankfully, the movie already has an ace up its sleeve with Ben Wallfisch. His score for The Flash was a bombastic affair that delivered some masterful soundscapes. And his treatment of Danny Elfman’s Batman theme was nothing short of a masterclass. Which is a hallmark of a talented artist at the very top of their game. So all eyes will be on him to see what he can bring to the Marvel universe. But on the strength of his last few soundtrack’s, the smart money is on another glorious addition to his filmography.

It’s an exciting time for soundtrack collectors.






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