December 9, 2023
Doctor Who 2023 Specials Header

Doctor Who Returns in the form of David Tennant in the trailer for the three special episodes. Check out the new poster too!

Look WHO’s back as Doctor Who!

Hitting the BBC in the UK and Disney+ internationally this November are three new Doctor Who Specials. The specials will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Time Lord’s first appearance. What’s even better for fans is that David Tennant, who played the tenth version of the character, returns for the specials as the fourteenth Doctor before handing the role over to Ncuti Gatwa as the fifteenth incarnation. Tennant is joined by his former co-star Catherine Tate, who returns as her character of Donna Noble. Russell T. Davies also returns as writer for the three specials. And Neil Patrick Harris will also appear. A new trailer for the specials has arrived from the planet Gallifrey. It’s time for the TARDIS to make its reappearance.



While we know the specials will air in November, there isn’t a confirmed date for them to be transmitted. However, we do have the episode titles for you. They are titled:

1.  “The Star Beast”

2. “Wild Blue Yonder”

3.  “The Giggle”


Of course, every new series in the franchise gets a shiny new poster. And the specials are no exception. Behold!

Doctor Who celebrates his 60th anniversary this November with three new specials. Stay tuned to The Future Of The Force for any further information regarding these exciting episodes, and the confirmed transmission dates when we have them.

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