Could a “Game of Thrones” style show work in the Star Wars Universe?

*SPOILER ALERT: If you are the last person on the planet to watch Game of Thrones and you do not wish it to be spoiled, read no further. But if you are a normal human being, read on, dear friend….

We all vividly remember the time when King Robb Stark, his wife, Queen Talisa, and his mother, Catelyn attended a certain wedding party hosted by crusty old Walder Frey. Now Robb had backed out on his agreement to marry one of the daughters of Walder Frey, but surely that was water under the bridge by now. After all, the Starks had received a personal invite to break bread by none other than Frey himself. And then the beautifully haunting melody, “The Rains of Castamere,” began to play….

You know what happens next. (Although personally I was way more upset by the outcome of “The Mountain and the Viper,” don’t you agree?)

Game of Thrones is full of lies, betrayal, heartbreak and deceit just like in the episodes mentioned above. A good policy for the viewer to have is “never fall in love with a character because they will most likely be the next one to die.” George R. R. Martin, the author of the books upon which the television series is based, seems to enjoy tormenting his audience in this manner. And he does it brilliantly. Now entering its seventh season, Game of Thrones continues to thrill and sometimes enrage the viewers every Sunday night.

So would the style and format of Game of Thrones work for the Star Wars universe? Would loyal fans since 1977 be accepting of such literal and figurative weekly backstabbing? The highest rating any Star Wars movie ever received was PG-13, so would hard-core fans be ready for a show that is easily rated R on a light week? Let’s imagine what a typical episode might entail.

While the Clone Wars rage on across the galaxy, recently knighted Jedi A’ron Antilles and Lynn Pama sneak away from the Jedi Temple. Descending into the seedier depths of Coruscant, they enter a rundown apartment building. Lying together in bed, A’ron expresses his worry that Lynn may be hurt or killed on her next assignment in the Outer Rim. Assuring her lover that everything will be fine, Lynn begins to kiss A’ron and the two make love for the remainder of the night.

Elsewhere on Coruscant, Republic Intelligence agent Eddard Undula is sent to investigate increasing claims that Jabba the Hutt is selling arms and supplies to both the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. He is to secretly board a cargo vessel leaving Tatooine and gather intel as it makes a delivery to Geonosis. Although this should be an easy mission, he’ll have a Jedi with him just in case.

Meanwhile on Tatooine, Jabba the Hutt has discovered that recent pirate attacks on his shipments have been personally orchestrated by Zindu, son of his former rival, Boorka the Hutt. Moreover, Zindu has tipped off both the Republic and the CIS that Jabba is playing both sides. Jabba knows the Republic has sent an agent to investigate, so he arranges a fake shipment to teach Zindu a lesson. He hires Cad Bane and his mercenaries to kill everyone onboard, both pirate and Republic.

On the trip from Tatooine to Geonosis, Eddard and his Jedi ally, Lynn Pama fail to discover any incriminating evidence against Jabba. Lynn senses a disturbance in the Force just as Zindu’s pirates board the ship. The pirates recognize the trap too late as Cad Bane and his fellow bounty hunters open fire. Wanting to diffuse the situation and capture as many as possible, Lynn ignites her lightsaber.

Nearly stabbed by a vibroblade held by Aurra Sing, Lynn cuts off the bounty hunter’s hands. She then hears a man cry to her from across the room. A’ron Antilles arrives just in time to see Cad Bane shoot his lover in the back with his holdout blaster.

There you have it. A typical episode of Star Wars: A Tale of Light and Dark. What do you think? Could it work? Moreover, even if it could work, does Star Wars need a show like this or should the franchise stick to shows like Clone Wars and Rebels? If you are in favor of an adult-oriented show, in which time period would you set it? Who would be the main characters? Leave me a comment and let me know, and as always…

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